Janette Lately.

Feliz Friday friends! Whoa! Are the weeks just slipping through everyone's fingers too?? I can't seem to keep up. How is it October already? I don't get it. Hmm... Anywho. I know I've been waaaay lackluster around here lately.. But I can't seem to get into the groove of blogging regularly again. I think it has something to do with my life being pretty uneventful. No trips to San Diego, no drama, no new adventures... Just work, family, and churchy duties. That's my life. It's good though. I like life when it's nice n' slow and there's a semblance of a routine.  (Do you?) Here's what I've been up to lately...

-I've been trying to make Fall happen here in Southern California...So I drink warm drinks, look for changing leaves, and hope the weather follows suit. (Looks promising this weekend!)

- I have an infatuation with Thai food and carbonated drinks. And so does Lovey. Gosh. We can't get enough yellow curry and rice. It makes our insides so happy.

-Lovey and I have been celebrating Sukkot with our friends. This equals lots of dinner parties, food prep, driving time, etc.(It's not as crazy as last year though, so I can't complain!)

- Jamberry nail wraps! They're soo cool! I've had mine for almost 2 weeks now and it's going strong. If you hop over to Suzzie's blog, Suzzie Vehrs  she'll give you a sample to try, perhaps? MAYBE!?? (She was offering a free sample a while ago. Not sure if she still is...)But it doesn't hurt to ask. Right? Isn't she the sweetest!?

-Going off the beaten path... Yes. That's my life motto lately. Literally. I'm exploring my surroundings. I've discovered incredible views, parks, shortcuts, nooks, and crannies on my walks/drives simply by taking another route (and getting lost). It's amazing! I suggest you try it.

Happy weekend amigas!


  1. No.. No these weeks are not slipping by. My WEEKENDS are. ):
    Lucky for you! And oh boy, I'm soo hooked on rice too.

  2. i love coca cola and wish it was still in my life--oh the joys of being pregnant ;)

    and time is passing me by without me realising it. cannot beleieve it is october already!

  3. I hope fall starts to happen for you guys soon! It's finally starting to cool down here now!

  4. I LOVE coke from a glass bottle.

  5. We're attempting some sort of routine in life too... and blogging sometimes takes a backseat. Your photos don't make your life look uneventful though! Beautiful things. that challah bread looks yummy yummy (:

  6. we're totally on the same page- the days are just flying by and it seems like i'm not doing anything with them!! arg, scary. but your pictures are so cute, so it can't be thaaat boring ;)

  7. Those nail wraps are so cute - and I have been craving some curry... and yours looks tasty!

  8. THAI FOOD. is the best. Adam doesn't love it though. Which hurts my heart.

  9. ok...all that fod is making me way hungry! Especially the bread... :) Get in my belly!

  10. well, i'm so glad my tummy's still full from last night's big dinner otherwise i'd try to thief this food right off the screen ;) yum, like seriously good stuff Janette!! Thai food is one of my fave's too and Coke really goes perfectly. couldn't agree more!

    super cute digits lades, never heard of these nail wraps before. sounds interesting!! finding new places to explore is so much fun, we've been trying to make the most of our good weather lately and do the same thing. before we know it there'll be like a month of rain coming our way :( boo urns - best get out and about while the skies are all clear. wishing you big, bright blues too!!!! xo ♥

  11. Yes! Getting lost can be so fun! I need to make a point to do that soon! ;)
    And that bread looks amazing! Happy celebrating!
    Hope your week is wonderful!

  12. Oh girl... Enjoy the warmth! We are expecting snow this week:( love love the nails! I'm going to check that out!


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