Janette the Decorator Attemptor

We are nearing the end of this week's heatwave. Hoorah! The next few days are promising temps in the low 80s. Waaay better than the horrific 106 degrees we had on Monday. Wayyyy wayy better. Thanks be to God! This means I will actually attempt to take out my Fall decorations either today or tomorrow. This also means that I'm mucho inspired right now since my Fall box is under this HUUUGE pile of junk. I'm that willing to undertake this task. Which if you know me is a BIG deal... I'm so lazy when it comes to crafty things. I don't know why.

Is your home all decorated yet?


  1. fun!!! i have two spots in my house i need to decorate and i have no clue what to do...maybe if i quit procrastinating! :)

  2. 106!? GOOD GRIEF.
    Come visit me -- it's truly nice here. FALL HAS ARRIVED.
    Plus, I could steal your lovely stuff from your wardrobe as your showering or something.. heh.

  3. Um, no, our home is definitely not decorated yet. We've talked about it, which is a good step, but it hasn't actually happened yet.

    106??? I thought it was bad having 90-degree weather but geez!

  4. I saved that pic as inspiration too! ^.^ I don't really do much fall decorating, but looking at all the things that other people are doing is kinda making me want to join the fun. We'll see how that goes.

    I'm glad youre getting a break from that ridiculous heat. I refuse to understand 16 degrees... That's give up and go back to bed heat to me, lol.

  5. We LOVE this. So perfect for the season!

    ox from NYC!


  6. So so happy you are getting some relief from the HEAT! Hooray for fall and cool temps!! I wish I did more "fallish" decorating...I'm pretty limited to pumpkins. Although I have been having a major hankering for a scarecrow.

  7. i was just thinking i needed to add some fall decor to my home!


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