Janette and the Yummy Weekend

What was supposed to be a quick run to my ma's house to pick up some avocados this past weekend turned into a yummy fiesta. We arrived at just the right time. My sister was home... We hadn't eaten lunch.. She hadn't eaten lunch and so we decided to join rumbly tummies and go out for some good Chinese. However on our way to my sister's fave and ultra secret spot (this girl knows all the good places in Little Saigon), we ended up talking about Korean BBQ and decided to head there instead. All you can eat beef? Lovey's personal heaven!

It was sooo good and nothing like I remembered. My favorite part (aside from the brisket) was the spicy soy soup. It had just the right amount of kick. Mmmm! The whole experience was fantastic. So amazing, in fact, that it deserved an equally amazing dessert. My sister, of course, knew of a cute pastry place, so we headed there for some treats. She spoiled us ROTTEN giving Lovey and I a tray and some tongs to pick out whatever we fancied. Cool, right???!!

We saved our dessert for a later time and instead opted to go to another cute cafe (with suitcase seats) for some refreshing iced mango green tea. Mmmmm....

We had such a lovely time. For real.


  1. French food.. NUM..
    I went to Golden Corral for lunch this past weekend, and since we rarely get to go there(SO not cheap) I took advantage of it. I made myself have an un-endless stomach. I hate for an hour and a half. TALK ABOUT FATTY ME.

  2. I need to hang out with your sister! This sounds amazing and I haven't ate lunch either;)

  3. Those pastries look amazing!! Lovely pics :)

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

  4. cute little update lady! the food/desserts look so wonderful, i just want them all right now!

    lindsey louise


  5. those cakes look amazing--i am literally drooling


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