Janette and The Good & Bad Weekend.

I had a good weekend. I had a bad weekend. I still can't decide if the good outweighed the bad. Saturday morning I woke up with major congestion, malaise, and general nastiness. A cold. Ugh. The byproduct of coloring, heads together, with my sick niece. Bah! But regardless, Lovey and I tried to make the most of our weekend cause I felt fine from my belly down. Ha! So after a day of complete couch rest (I took 3 naps!),we went to dinner and a short walk 'round town. Pumpkin spice lattes for dessert and window shopping at Cost Plus World Market was a nice way to end the night.
Sunday afternoon we went to an arboretum (dSLR pictures coming soon) and enjoyed the cool, Fall weather. NOT! It was 93 degrees! For reals? Wasn't it in the 60s and raining just 3 days ago??!!! (Don't get me started on the weather...) Oh but sweet foliage-induced felicity!!! Everything there was perfect and beautiful!

Trees, flowers, and a charbroiled burger? I take it back. I had it good.How was your weekend?


  1. What a great fall weekend- even with the sickness. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Janette! The pics from the arboretum (that's a hard word) are beautiful!! Look at all the pretty trees and plants and pumpkins! I can't wait to see your DSLR pics!!!

    I'm so sorry you were sick! Hudson was sick this weekend a bit, too. Fingers crossed he didn't pass it to me! ;)

    Have a happy week, friend! xoxo


    You look gorgeous.. WHEN SICK. Noo fair.

    1. Your fall looks like fall. It's still "summer" here.

  4. Looks more good than bad to me! Sorry about the cold, those are never fun. :P But look at all that good stuff!

  5. Oh colds are awful... I must say I had a weird weekend, full of ups and downs, too emotional ! Friday ended on very good news but Saturday started on very bad news, and Sunday was just spent on the couch, because I'm pretty much almost always lazy on Sundays so I watched NCIS and Supernatural all day.

    These pictures are beautiful, love the owl (the owl is the symbol of the city I live in !)

    Sorry for the ton of writing, hope you're feeling better !

  6. Sounds like a pretty good weekend! I hate being sick! Get better! At least your nails didn't suffer? Mine look terribe (i.e. naked) even when I'm at the top of my game. I literally haven't painted my nails since June. And those were my toes. My fingers? No idea!


  7. oi!!!!!!! i feel the Clint vibe goin' on lades but there def ain't no ugly!!! baha. awe J, sorry you had a mix and mingle quarrel with well-ness. 1/2 body full is almost a sure bet though :) glad to hear you made the most of it, totally your awesome style! and P-Spice latte's are my best friend too!!!! love those concoctions total + 3 naps doesn't sound so bad. i'd do!!! 93? wha??? we're into the rainy season now, the weather took a sad turn here on Friday and it's been downpouring ever since. ah well, good to couch surf the teevz with Sean and consume lotsa warm imbibe's.

    love the pics!!!! gold gilded nails, your cute face, a pumpkin patch teaser and ceramic owl - mmm hmmm, i approve!!! i always say that to KASA when i like something, it's not meant in any other way than with loves. happy Monday! xo ♥

  8. I feel this way about all my weekends. They usually start out great with lots of stuff getting done and then I make one choice and then 7 hours later I am still 4 projects behind, with no sick children to blame.

    Hope you get feeling better Janette!

  9. Your weekend seems like it was fun except for you being sick. I hope you're feeling better. I really like that little hedgehog thing. (I don't think it's a real hedgehog?) But it's adorable.

    And I totally want to be your bff. Thanks for following back!

  10. I feel like naps make everything better. So take as many naps as needed until the happy juices start flowing. Your weekend is almost like my every weekend. Haha. I hope you feel better VERY soon!

  11. My dearest friend!! I am so sorry I don't make it to your blog long enough to leave a comment! I have been so nauseous I am lucky if I ever get off the couch/bed!!! But by the sounds of it, it seems like you had it rough these last few days too! I am sorry!!! It is no no no nooooooooooooo fun at all to feel under the weather! And I looooooooooooooove all of your pictures by the way! I especially love that little porcupine guy! And I have been craving me some freaking starbucks but that requires me to get somewhat presentable and then leave the house which is more then I can bare. So please feel free to bring me some if you are so inspired to do so hahahahhaha JK!! But I can now see your dilemma! It seems like a good weekend... yet your body wants to say no. But all in all I am glad you enjoyed it!!

  12. I hope you are feeling better! That's how I was feeling a week or so ago and it was not fun. :( I got a pumpkin spice latte today after work too! [Wait...didn't you tell me before they weren't your favorite drink?! YOU GAVE IT A CHANCE?!...I hope this was you or I am going to feel silly, haha.] Anyway...glad you got a chance to get out and take a walk though, but 93 degrees?! Nuts!!


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