Janette and the Balki Vest

Does anyone remember the show Perfect Strangers? I kind of do. My older sister used to watch it religiously, and I used to sit there playing with my Barbies and watch it too. I don't remember much about it, other than Balki's wild vests and an occasional sheep in his apartment. Anywho. I found this vest at the thrift store a while back and it just screamed Balki Bartokomous! Makes me happy when I wear it.

Vest: Thrifted
Green Top: Gifted
Striped Skirt: Target


PS. Did you know that Carl & Harriet Winslow (from Family Matters) first appeared on Perfect Strangers??? Family Matters was a spinoff show! Craziness huh?

PPS. Could I have any more hair???? Gosh. It's almost getting out of control... Haha!


  1. 1) Never heard of the show -- but I love the vest. Such a cute style! (:
    2) TOO MUCH HAIR YOU SAY? How bout' giving me some? Mine's soo thin.
    3) I'm soo naturally skinny to begin with, so when I do the niptuck I look.. abnormal.
    4) I noticed.. HELLO KITTY PHONE CASE.

  2. lovely presentation pics!
    New post outfit on my blog on http://laviecestchic.blogspot.com, hope that you like it!

  3. "Don't be RIDICULOUS"--Balki

    Oh my. That was one of my most favorite shows as a kid. I wish it still came on! And I had no idea that the Winslows were on there! Mind blown!! ;)

    I love your outfit, pretty girl! And I love your HAIR even more!!!! Jealous!!

    Happy Weekend!! xoxo

  4. I had no idea that the Winslows were a spin off...I think I need to sit down for that one!

  5. Love your hair-y hair!!!
    A spin-off? Really? I loved Family Matters then.
    I need to take cues from your outfit posts. Hubby as camera man does not cut it...and my mini tripod went missing!



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