(Yes, this is a repeated post)

Thanks for reading my jumbling and mumblings!!! You guys are grrrreat!

Mainly I'm writing this because I need a huge favor! So, as you may have learned, I usually follow any and all my new friends because I like to get to "know" everyone who reads my blog. No need to ask me to follow back... I'm all about it! However, a lot of you have 2 blogs (and sometimes more or none at all) and I can never quite figure out which one it is that you would like me to subscribe to. If you would be so kind (so so so kind) to send me a link in the comments (if I haven't already followed you back) of the blog you would like me to follow, I would greatly appreciate it! If there is more than 1 blog you'd like me to follow, then send both links. I'll follow as many as you got!

I hope that makes sense! Thanks so much!

Feliz Friday friends!

PS. A huge, happy hug to my new neighbors in Jongleurville. Welcome!

PPS. To learn more about my Jongleur-ing ways, click here. Or to find me elsewhere along the interweb galaxies, click here.


  1. I only have one but I just wanted to let you know that you're awesome!!

    The End :)

  2. I have more than one - but I think that only one shows.. I think. But anyway...

    You are such a sweetie.

  3. Thank you. I'm not sure if you follow me yet but my blog URL is

  4. Hullo!! Just wanted to say hi! Haven't been here in a while. Glad to see you've got a lot of new follower friends! :)

    I am still lovin' your simplified blog layout. I am forever tweaking mine haha. :D

  5. Hi, i have two, but my main one is I love Sixpence

    I'm loving your blog too. xxxx

  6. i have two although one is dormant basically and just there as a link.

    so my main one is

    1. you are following me i thought you were i just couldn't see your beautiful profile pic--but don't worry i found it :)

  7. I only have one, so it's easy!

  8. Im a new follower and I really adore your blog :)

  9. i'd love for you to follow me. :)

  10. I love your blog, you are good blogger inspiration, as I have been slacking lately. Please follow me at :

    I'm getting it together, changing my blogger


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