Sleepless in Seattle

Okay.. So we've all seen the movie..I get the nuances and subtleties.... I've seen it a million times..

But I always wondered what Annie, Sam & Jonah's lives were like after the movie ends..
 I figure they begin to exchange their stories in the elevator and later over pizza and ice cream. Obviously, Sam & Jonah have to go back home cause I doubt they packed any clothes...And Annie..well...She probably calls her friend Rosie O'Donnell and tells her all about how she met Sam and how she finally felt "the magic". Sam returns to Seattle and breaks it off with Victoria. And the three move to California cause it's the best. They've been married now... since 1993... Jonah has a little sister and is all grown up. He's marrying Jessica cause they're so MFEO. And Walter? Well he ends up with Victoria, obviously.

Do you think about stuff like that? Please tell me you do.

Sleepless in Seattle is currently available on Netflix streaming. I think!
Happy Friday!


  1. I def wonder about stuff like that. And then my crazy mind takes it a step further and starts to wonder about the lives of Disney cartoon characters after the movie is over.

  2. Love it, Janette! I DO wonder about my favorite "characters"....and my wonderings always lead to HAPPY endings. :)

  3. Never seen it -- looks interesting!!
    But yes, I think about movies a lot.. How things are like after.. before and how the others are effected.. Movie freaak!

  4. Oh I am a huge fan of Tom Hanks, even now that he's rather old. I kind of do stuff like that, though I don't have your imagination and your motivation, I just complain about the fact that they didn't show the wedding and the life after the wedding... But I always expect too much, with me, films would never end because I can't stand parting with the characters ! Even when I write my own stories, they go on forever !

  5. Never seen this movie. But I do love Tom Hanks!!!

  6. Yes, I have definitely made up sequels to my favorite movies before! Love this post, you've made me want to go watch Sleepless in Seattle now!

    x Ellie

  7. OH my, I have to admit, I haven't seen it yet. But it's been on my to-watch list for ages, but I always seem to forget about it.

  8. Hi Janette! Thanks for your sweet comment, I'd be very interested in being featured on your blog. :D

    And I think I need to watch sleepless.. haven't seen it in years!

  9. i always think about things like that and do it with lots of films especially the ones when the ending is quite open like the holiday. i like to think that both couples end up living happily ever after.

    and in love actually does emma thomas take back her cheating husband? does it work out properly? do they seperate? so many questions which i can't decide the answers to.

  10. haha this is too cute! I haven't seen the movie in way too long and I bet I would get more of the jokes if I watched it the hankering! Thanks Janette!

  11. me toooooooooooooo! i ponder stuff like that all the time. so funny j! MFEO totala - i adore that acronym. makes me smile. xo ♥


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