Janette the Weekend Recaper

HAPPY MONDAY AMIGAS! Hope you had a sunny, carefree weekend! I kind of did.. Just a little. It started out carefree and happy, but ended with a bout of busy-ness (photo shoot followed by get together at church), so now I'm EXHAUSTED. I really wanted to call in sick today. I'm that tired. But anywho...Here's a recap of what I did this weekend.. It's in chronological order..And I kind of wish it was in alphabetical order too! Haha! The highlight was having a pedicure (last summer pedi!) slash shopping extravaganza with my sister (Bought some bright yellow and forest green pants! Woo!)

So what'd you do this weekend? Highlights? Lowlights?

PS. Thanks to everyone's kind words on yesterdays post.. I feel a lot better after having IN & OUT, cuddle time with Lovey, ice cream, and a smooth shoot yesterday!


  1. mmm that burger :) I know what I'm making for dinner tonight!

    You look so gorgeous and I can't wait to see you style those awesome pants!

  2. Hola Amiga!
    Your photos are gorgeous, and a little comfort food fixes everything. I would die for your hello kitty clip! it's the same one I had back in the 80's! omg it's perfect!

  3. Hope this next week is better for you!! Go to bed early tonight--you'll feel better! (:
    And you STILL manage to look gorgeous while being busy.

  4. I love those pants! Ahh. And those shoes. And doesn't in n out always make things better? The answer is yes.

  5. i love those yellow pants--i really want some mustard ones but will have to wait a few months before getting some.

    and that burger makes me want it right now--yum!

  6. Glad you had a good weekend, Janette! Your pedicure looks super pretty. I am weird about people touching my feet, well basically, I'm weird about people touching me in general, so I steer clear of pedicures. ;) That burger looks delish! We are having SmashBurger tonight...it's National Cheeseburger Day or something. ;)


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