Janette the UPC-er

Remember I mentioned I was having a bad day? Ugh! A client was not happy with the images I took. (It’s a fact. The vintage, cross-processed look is not for everyone.) Which confirms my suspicion that I should give up this whole photo-thing. (Remember I was apprehensive about photography, etc? It’s more trouble than it’s worth. For real.) Now I have to send originals cause I feel horrible (They are super nice people guys. Serious.) But, this news put my week in super-damper-pensive-mode. I don’t even want to talk to anyone. I just want to think. Think. Think. Think. It’s depressing, honestly... And once I’m in a certain mood, it lingers. I’ve been such a Debbie Downer… 
So this is me lately: Uninspired. Pensive. Crabby.  UPC  for short. And this is what UPC looks like… A little loopy, disheveled, and blue.

How do you get out of funks?


  1. oh no. i bet the photos were gorgoeus.

    and i get out of my funks by watching a favourite film, eating a lot of cake, and then some popcorn and then going for a walk and getting a hug off the husband.

    it works i promise :)

  2. How do I get out of a funk? I listen to music. Either something that completely matches how I feel or is the absolute opposite of how I feel. For example, if I am angry I will listen to hard-rock, (not scream-o though, I just cannot handle being screamed at), because it matches how I am feeling. Or I will listen to something like the Carpenter's because they are absolutely the opposite of what I am feeling.

    You get the picture.

    I am sorry your clients didn't like your style. If you decide to try again, clarify the style of picture you use or give the client the choice of traditional styling or your styling. If they choose one and want the other, they have to pay for the "re-editing" even if you aren't doing re-editing. Just a couple suggestions.

    In the meantime, take a deep breath, shake like a wet-dog, and move on. ;)


  3. So sorry to hear. Those kind of things suck. I had a similar customer once and it wasn't nice at all.
    Hope you get out of your funk soon!
    Hugs xxx

  4. I bet those photos were the bomb!

  5. Nooooo! You don't want to talk to anyone.. Alright, well then I shouldn't be posting this.

    Oh well.
    I get out of a funk by chilling, Facebooking, eating sweets, and NAPS. Lots of naps. Don't overthink too much.

    I personally LOVE the vintage look! I'LL take the wedding pictures!! haha

  6. Just a heads up.. I'm changing my blogger password back..

  7. Hey darlin'

    Don't get yourself down. I know that feeling of self-doubt all too well, especially in the area of photography.
    The market is saturated with DSLR owners hoping to make it professionally these days, but I think the KEY ingredients to success in this industry is patience, TONS of practise, and STUDY. My photography improved significantly after studying the mechanics and theory behind my camera, lighting, composition, etc. Not to mention, you need to have good business sense too.

    I didn't realize how naive I was at the time when I decided I wanted to start a business, but it's good that I eventually realized it. Now I understand what I need to learn and how I need to improve in order to make it. The other key ingredient? Don't be afraid.

    I'm also very guilty of under-estimating myself, and giving up after failure. I refuse to be that way with my passions. And if photography doesn't end up being for you, I promise, if you just listen to your heart, and find what drives you, then you'll find what you excel in. Be patient with yourself realize that the world is your to explore. <3


  8. I have to exercise when I am in a funky-just move until I not only don't have any negative energy left, but no energy at all! No energy to think, no energy to move. Only sleep and hope for starting over the next day. Hold on girl, you'll make it through! Awesome people always come out on top :)

  9. I'm so sorry, girl!! :( And it's okay if you don't want to talk with anyone! That's how I am sometimes too when I get in to those moods. I tend to end up at Target as my calming place too. Weird, but it works. I hope this week goes better for you. You deserve it!!

  10. First. Can we see the photos? I think I will like them. And I know about funks. I am in one right now as well. Remember, there are a handful of creepy stalkers that love you. Okay? Okay.

  11. I agree, show us some of the pics!!


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