Janette the Productive, Insect-Luring Weekender

I'm not sure what's up lately, but Lovey and I have been super productive 'round the house on our days off. Even with this stubborn heat, we're gung-ho busy bees!  Laundry, gardening, ironing for days, writing postcards, catching up on emails, spraying for insects outside...We get it done! Argggh!! And speaking of insects, guys,  I'm like the stinkin' bug whisperer ovah hurr..

For some reason creepy critters just flock to me in droves. Or maybe it's because I'm more aware of them??  I've always had this uncanny skill of detecting spiders in the dark... It's really weird.. I can just see them... So the other day when we were hanging out in the dining room I suddenly see about 10 baby spiders parachuting from the ceiling in a unified and coordinated attack. (No one else saw them..) I FUUHHHREAKED out! But I didn't run away. No. I'm manly like that. I grabbed my sandals like a boss and started slapping those spiders silly!

Good riddance!

After that incident I've unfortunately discovered about 10 bug bites on my feet and legs. Spiders? I'm not sure... But all I can say is I'm on edge these days.. We took to spraying EVERYTHING with that Raid Bug Barrier stuff... I hope it works, cause HOT DOG, I can't take it anymore...Wearing socks, pants, and head scarves (I don't want spiders parachuting into my hair) in 90+ weather is most uncomfortable but oh so wise! Get this! Last night, during our Bible study, a pincher bug fell out of the SKY and landed in my shirt. In. My. Shirt.  Did I jump out of my chair like a nimble ninja and scream my head off? ALMOST! But no.  I got up calmly and said, "Uh...I'm sorry, I have to go shower now." And ran to the bathroom. Seriously! I can't take it anymore.. And the worst part of all this is that I'm the only one that's getting bit and attacked in our household. Ugh. Anyway.. enough about bugs... Here some images of my weekend...
Didn't go on that boat ride I mentioned on my Cool. Not Cool. Undecided. post. But that's okay! I got to eat a Bambleberry muffin! YUM!

So what'd you guys do?

PS. Have you read about the time I killed a spider with my bum? You should read that. It's entertaining.


  1. Hello Kittttttttty. Let's have a marathon night when I visit you.. OR you visit me. SERIOUSLY. COME VISIT.
    BUG. ON. YOUR. SHIRT?! I'd CRY if that happened to me. You are brave, my friend.


    ps-- i'm off to read the poor spider's death story!

  2. LMAO!! I love you. And for the fact that you were manly and you said like a boss...

  3. I would have LOST IT if a bug landed in my shirt... you're way more composed than I would have been!

  4. That's so crazy about the bugs!! I would totally freak out. I used to be totally zen with bugs and would capture and release them into the outside world when I found them in the apt. Then a spider bit my eyebrow while I was sleeping and made the whole area around my eye swell up! The lymph nodes on my neck also swelled up from the spider venom so I had a half-swollen face and pea-sized lumps on my neck for about a week. Now, I kill every bug. They all must atone for the sins of their spider brother.

  5. omg...so funny. i would totally freak and bust out the shoe killing technique too.

  6. i hate spiders so i would have freaked out and made a run for it but kept my eye on them and screamed for jonny so that he could deal with them all.

  7. they are my utmost phobia and i know exactly about your detector skills, it happens to me too! they seem to pick us out from the crowd cos they sense it in our souls. glad you got some shoe slapping in lades, nice one!!! or 10 ;)

    so relieved there isn't any photo evidence here today! the ones you have shared are pretty great though, love the hinged to the left lips!

    ahem, i've been off the web recently but am sure happy to be catching up here today, thanks for visiting me too. between heavy work loads, getting an end-of-summer cold and then vacating the premises to San Fran (the boyf & i finally had a real holiday-yah!), well things got a little hairy for any kind of blogging upkeep or visits. happy almost weekend, hope you've got some rad stuff planned...with less insects around the joint too! xo ♥


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