Janette the Laborer

You would think I would spend my holiday relaxing and enjoying the last 3 day weekend of the summer...But I didn't. Not really. Mostly I did errands and finished some important projects that needed my attention. Namely, my beach wedding photo shoot. I finally finished editing 1500+ images! Woo! These little decorated packages are my final CDs. Eek! (So nervous! Will my clients like the images? HOPE SO!)
Other things I did this weekend? Well I wrote some postcards, planted a garden (Lovey and I are such "on a whim" last-minute project undertakers), designed a blog, removed candle wax from 4 tablecloths (I've been putting that off for about 2 months!!), and ironed a week's worth of clothes! I'm exhausted!

So what'd you guys do this Labor Day weekend? Hopefully it wasn't as laborious as mine :-/


  1. Doesn't it feel soooo good after you get all those things done?? I've been staring at this blank wall in my living room for 3 months, and last weekend I had had enough and painted the dumb thing and hung some pictures on it! Now I'm all gung-ho to re-do my bedroom.
    Btw, love how you decorated the cd's. Too adorable!!

  2. Geez, you make me look so lazy.
    Those CD packages look so cute! And the postcards.
    And that whip cream contraption looks pretty awesome too.

  3. those cds look amazing so cute--i wished my wedding photographer had put that much effort in.

    and at least you had an extra day off :)

  4. En Colombia no lo celebramos hoy, pero mi día sera de estudiar, estudiar y estudiar.

    P.S: why are you so fantastic? I love your blog, you always post amazing things :)

  5. Wow that is so many photos. You're crazy nice to do that. I've got your sample ready. I just have to buy stamps today so it will be in the mail tomorrow

  6. Postcards! Would one be MINE?!? :)

    Mine WAS laborious. School started back.


  7. 1. i love how you packaged your CDS! so cute!

    2. that drink looks delish!

    3. that mug is adorable!

  8. Gorgeous packaging! I'm sure the photos are lovely & your clients will LOVE them. :) Oh and now I want coffee after seeing that cute mug with whipped cream on top. Yum!

  9. Love the packaging! And that whipped cream on top of that cup...mmh...cute plants!

  10. Such pretty packaging. Pretty pictures. I'm sure they lived them. Pretty post!


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