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Today is a great day friends! I've swapped blogs for the day with Elsha of When Mine Became Ours. We're both sharing the Top 5 things we're looking forward to this Fall season. She'll be sharing on my blog, and I'll be sharing on hers... Click here to read my post. Also, for another Fall related guest post, please check out Lily Garay's blog. I'm sharing some inspiring Fall looks on her space.


Hello lovely fans to Janette!  My name is Elsha and I am the runner of When Mine Became Ours where I am a student's wife, runner, sugar Mamma, and clothing fanatic. And today I will be your pilot :) 

Janette and I share the same passion for fall, we cannot wait for it to come! So in anticipation as the best time of the year (in my very biased opinion) we are going to let you in on what we are looking forward to the most... 

Having grown up in Idaho (aka The "Other" Great White North) where there are only 3 seasons (Fall, Snow, Construction) I don't know any other way to dress than less than 3 layers.  In other words, these days I live for colder weathers. 

1. HATS! My time spent in Russia made me a hat fanatic.  Old Babushka's would literally attack you in the street if you were not wearing a "good Russian hat."  Plus, they make me feel fancy!

  2. Scarves, scarves & more scarves!  I have a drawer just for my babies :)  This particular one is from Paris-again with the fancy feeling- brought to me by one of my dear cultured friends.  And they are the perfect way to brighten up an outfit or just your whole day....

3. Jackets.....again with the whole space just for these puppies!  I have a problem I know. 
There is nothing like cuddling yourself up to go out into the crisp Autumn air, honestly the best feeling ever.
Besides real puppies....real puppies always win!

4. Layering it up!  Like I said before, nothing less than 3 layers :)  When you live in negative 25 degree weather for...your whole life, you come up with practical ways to survive I guess.  Survival of the fittest up there!

 5. Booties.  It's like a sweater for your feet.  I've found that boots are a great way to both dress up outfits, and make others a little more casual.  My current obsession are socks, Husband got me into this.  You should see his sock collection, way better than mine!

Hope everyone is getting as PUMPED UP for fall as Janette and I are!  Bring on the ice skates and hot cocoa...and the knee pads which are essential for ice skating.

Come on over to see what Janette's Fave 5 are! Her's include sugary goodness, and cute pumpkins :)  Way worth it if I do say so myself.


Is she cool or what? Please check out her blog, When Mine Became Ours ! Thanks so much for sharing Elsha! Loved how similar our lists were!

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Gosh. I'm good at losing followers, unfortunately...Haha!


  1. I love Elsha, she's one of my faves! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. I totally thought I read my name throughout this whole post.. teehee.
    Y'all(southern me) are both so gorgeous. :)


  3. Haha too funny! I thought the same thing when I saw your comment Elisha, thinking "I don't remember writing this"


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