Janette the Fall Lover

I'm quite bitter at the bloggers who've been shamelessly sharing all about how Fall has graced their vicinity of the world..All I can say is one word: NOT FAIR! Yes. I know that's two words..But it should be ONE cause that's how upset and jealous I am. This past weekend SoCal had a CRAZY heatwave. (106 with no AC is a killer, guys!) The heat was insulting and unbearable.Why do some of you get to wear scarves and jackets already and I'm over here sticking my head in my freezer??? Not cool guys. Not cool.

I can't even fathom Fall right now. Is it dreamy and cozy? I don't remember what it feels like to be cold.... I guess all I can do is look at last year's Fall pics and try to imagine what it was like...Good thing I've got these images to console me until the cool temps arrive...

Scarves and boots, how I miss thee!


  1. Love that leopard scarf! We're getting little snippets of fall but then it warms up by the afternoon. I'm ready for it to be consistently fall!!

  2. I do.. but don't want fall.
    yes- boots, scarves, sweaters, christmas, christmas MUSIC on the radio, and hot cocoa.
    no- cold weather, snow keeping me from events, and being SICK.


  3. I just wrote a post. And it erased. I am upset. Am I still a no-comment blogger? I LOVE FALL. I agree 100% on everything you said above

  4. I hear ya! I just turned my AC up (down? I always struggle with choosing which word to use when I am saying "I'm making it colder!") because it is so hot and humid outside. I want to don my scarves and boots instead of tank tops and flip flops! GAH. I did get a salted caramel mocha the other day - the frap version since getting a hot beverage would be insane in this weather. I can't wait until "fall" arrives here...in December :-/

  5. i totally know what you mean about seeing the rest of the country in fall weather and here in socal we are still in the 90s. this weekend was mega hot! i want it to cool down soon

  6. You probably don't want to hear this: I wore boots for the first time this season today. :|

    And I'm currently curled up in sweats. :|

    And it's pretty much VERY fallish in Alabama right now. :|

    And I'm loving it. :|

    SORRRRRRRRRRRY it's still hot there! It will cool down soon I HOPE! Love all your Fall photos. xoxoxo

  7. I completely agree with you! The weather is still in the 80s during the day in Utah I can't wait til it gets down to the mid 50s!


  8. oh for the love of all things autumn & the crunchy sound they make when out for a stroll through the park! gaaa though J, what an influx of hotness it is for you & Lovey right now - geesh! our weather hasn't bit into the fall goodness yet either. i walked home today in flip-flops and a t-shirt. dying for cardy weather to ensconce myself in something like you've shown up above. love all the cute scarf/coat action!!

    okay girly i just HAD to come right over b/c i was perusing the net today & saw this - not sure if you read her blog but the minute that 1st photo flashed in front of me i thought "Janette?" you 2 totes look alike, it's cool when that happens. at least i think so and it's a compliment cos i think you're mighty pretty lades! happy week to ya, it'll be arctic puffin outside soon enough, i just know it. xo ♥

  9. It's 90 in Portland!! That is so rare for us. I really want my fall weather too!

  10. you might be jealous but just remember you has a summer i just had rain and rain and oh yeah more rain--oh the joy of living in englad ;)

  11. Fall is my absolute favorite! I remember your cute fall decoration from last year! xxx

  12. Well, I'm going to disappoint you but... I really don't like fall (not to say hate) but it has nothing to do with the weather, it's just that it means going back to school and going back to stress ! I think I've already mentioned that to you so I won't linger. As for the weather, I miss summer dresses and can't put fall clothes on yet, it's very strange here, sort of in-between and I don't like it !
    Only thing I like about fall is Halloween ! Even though in France it's not much celebrated, I always try to do something with my friends.

  13. Yuck! 106 is just wrong! It's still pretty warm here too! We get cool early October if we are lucky! Wishing cooler days your way!

  14. I know! It usually doesn't get "fallish" here until Nov or Dec. I can't wait to pumpkin the crap out of my house though.


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