Janette the Busy Bee

It always feels weird for me to recap my weekend on any other day than Monday...But I really wanted to share my Fall Must Dos list before we were too far into fall..Know what I mean? Anywho. My weekend was kind of ho-hum. I did A LOT of chores and tasks around the house that I had been putting off for weeks! For example:

1. I mopped my kitchen floor (Despised chore of my life!)
2. Cleaned outdoor window sills (I lead an exciting existence huh?)
3. Cleaned ceiling fan blades. (Surely your weekend was better than this!)
4. Finished the other half of my cabinet display makeover thingy.
5. Scrubbed the tub. (2nd despised chore of my life!)

I felt really accomplished. I did. But it wasn't all bad and boring. I saw some friends too. So that was cool. You know what else made it good? The following:

So yeah. I'm golden right now...I don't have some dreaded chore looming over my head this week. Instead, I'm hoping to catch up on happier tasks like editing a family shoot and finishing a blog design. Yeah. Stuff like that. Here's to a good week, Lordwilling!

God bless you guys!


  1. Yay for accomplishing so many tasks! Especially your cabinet! I bet it looks so pretty! I need a super productive day like that soon!

  2. wooo...you were busy! i need to mop our floors and i have been postponing it forever! enjoy your week of fun things!! :)

  3. Good for you for accomplishing those chores. Mopping & scrubbing the tub aren't high on my list either!

    That is all.. I just want a lazy week.

  5. Janette! I miss reading your blog :) I'm such a slacker, but I'm happy I saw this one...because it is the story of my life. I try to split my chores up into days (Kitchen Monday, Bathroom Tuesday....blah blah blah) but then I just end up slacking them all off until there I am on a rampage scrubbing the tub.

    You make me smile

  6. Oh man your house is in waaay better shape than mine, i probably haven't mopped in a month:( Sad story.

  7. GAH!!! Cleaning...I did very minimal of that this weekend. You can tell by the dust bunnies thanks to my dear furbaby.
    But having a hot drink (and a cold one) plus friends makes up for all of the cleaning! ;)

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  8. I don't like mopping either, but for some reason I prefer mopping to vacuuming! Anyways...it does feel really good when you finally get around to doing everything that you were supposed to be doing!

  9. can i just say that anything featuring puppehs has completely run away with my whole entire heart lately!!!! i'm NOT kidding, KASA has seen me well up on numerous occasions - just the mere sight of a 4 legged friend like that gets me in a hot mess of swoons to be that pups momma one day!! gaaa, i don't mean to smoosh out your rad list of accomplishments but when i saw him i flushed all shades of love and got a tad overwhelmed is all.

    good for you! despised chores mischief managed. NICE! ♥


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