Cool. Not Cool. Undecided. (LINKUP)

-This weekend is looking promising! Visiting with company, resting, Arabic food, and perhaps a boat ride??! Woooo!

-Guest posts this week at When Mine Became Ours and The Lily Garay Blog (Both Fall related)

-Shin splints. Ouch!

-Still haven't heard from my clients. Hmm.. They should've received their wedding pics by now...Oh boy!

-I'm thinking about perhaps privatizing my blog. I really don't want people IRL to find me here. Haha! Like... Seriously. I. Don't. Once they do, I'm bouncing guys... Or changing my blog name, or creating a whole new deal..or SOMETHING! I just can't handle certain people's judgement and or offline comments. Then there's other people....I don't want them knowing ANY of my business... (One texted me last night asking me for the address to my blogs.. WHAT???!!!) Gosh. I sound like a psycho, but seriously. There's certain things I can't deal with, and one of them is offliners knowing about this little special place I've created for myself. It's my own little world.

-Lovey and I have been discussing his options of where to pursue his doctorate. I'm talking WILD options, guys. You know change freaks me out a bit.. So I'm on pins and needles ova' hurr.  Can we fast forward to 10 years from today? Then I could see how this all works out?


Please LINK UP friends! And if you would be so kind as to include my button on your post I'd greatly appreciate it! (If you do not include my button on your post, that's fine, but can you please please please mention and link back to my blog. Otherwise I will have to delete your entry. Thanks. Also the link up is open for a week, so feel free to link up within the next few days! You know you want to!


  1. Seriously, I've thought the same thing about my blog! I don't want ANYBODY except Brian knowing about my blog. I've been in very awkward situations before... I've rambled about "my friend...." and was asked where I know them from - I was stumped and finally said "from a friend of a friend" haha! Lame!

  2. I totally understand the part about where you're going to end up for your husband's doctorate. We're in pretty much the same situation, we don't know where we're going to live in one year time and it's so scary ! I really hate change !

  3. Loved your posts on fall fashion--got me in the mood to wear rainboots now (:

    If you make your blog private.. Can I visit? :)


  4. I'd like to be added to your private list. I know the feeling or IRL people seeing your blog. As long as they don't say anything to me I really don't care. I have learned to censor myself a lot. Realizing that anything I say, whether on FB or on Twitter or Blogger, is like standing on a street corner and shouting my story. For example I have always been very political and outspoken about it, but on the Internet, I have pulled back a LOT! There are people I don't want to offend, there are people I don't want to argue with, and then there are people who just don't need to know my views because they couldn't handle it in real life. So I step off the "corner of the street."

    That is the decision we all have to make. How much do we really want out there? Do we want people to discuss it with us? Are there people who would be offended; and yes sometimes you just can't help it because you are not responsible for someones reaction; so I guess the question becomes is what we want to share worth offending someone? And finally, is what we put on-line something we would say IRL? It is that last question that causes me to pause, a lot!

    So, again, if you go private, please include me? I like reading your blog.


  5. Oh my gosh! I will be so sad if you go private!! Your awesome blog is one of my favorites...but I feel pretty good about the fact that we are bloggy besties and I KNOW you would let me in on it if it becomes private...right!?!?!

    I totally get weird reactions from IRL people about my blog. So I get what you're feeling. I never really told anyone about it...they just sort of figured it out. That's why I never connected it to my stupid facebook's filled with local lurkers. HA. I get especially irked when family/friends don't understand the friendships that I have built "on the internet". Yeah that sounds cheesy...but some of my "blog" friends are some of my most favorite people. (YOU are at the top of the list!)

    But when it comes down to it, you are doing this blog for YOU and for your's our generation's version of a diary! And how fun will it be to look back on all these little memories later??

    Anyway. Let me know what you decided. Either way I better be included. ;) AND hooray for a boat ride!!!!!!!!! Take pictures!!!!!!!!

    p.s. I linked up this week!! Yipeeeee!

  6. p.s. I tried to post your little linky button, but it wouldn't work!! :( Photobucket said something about the pic had been deleted.

  7. Don't go private! Totally understand if you want to but just fyi. Only like 50 people can follow and you have to enter each email address manually. Also when you are private, the people who follow you do not get an update when you post a new post. Just some things to know if you decide to.
    But I get it. Sometimes it's hard when IRL friends and family read your blog. I just don't always share in great detail or write in my journal instead. I dunno. Just ideas for you!
    Miss ya! We need to chat soon!

  8. If you go private take me with you!!!! And. Shin splits. Booooooo

  9. what is he getting his doctorate in? That is so exciting!


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