Janette the Trader Joes Shopper

Trader Joes is the beesneeze! I'm not even sure how you spell beezeneeze...but  I'm pretty sure it starts with a "T" and ends with an "S". So yeah,  thought I'd share my haul from yesterday's shopping trip! Why?? Well, A) I love Trader Joes and B) This blog is a lifestyle blog to the max...You're supposed to see the mundane and everyday stuff that is my life. Right??? ;)
The Yogurt O's cereal is my fave. I just wish they'd put more yogurt pieces and less O's. In fact, I think they should just sell the yogurt pieces alone. I'd buy them.
Okay so...someone abducted tomato-hating-Janette, cause guys, I c.a.n.n.o.t. seem to get enough of those sugar plum reds! Yum! Who would've thought? I must call and tell my mom.. She's been trying to get me to eat tomatoes my whole life.

Yeah. Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo is AMAZING! Every guest that has showered in my bathtub and used my shampoo has unanimously (upon exit of the bathroom) exclaimed that it's the best shampoo ever. It is. It's like your hair is chewing minty gum.. Except, it's not, and it just feels fresh and breezy up there. It's great! I know you'll like it if you try it!
These are some items I've never tried.. Gums The Word was a little too stiff at first and lost it's flavor right quick.. But the chocolate was pretty good. Actually, I haven't decided if I really like the whole salted caramel rage that's been happening all overs. Do you?

So what are your favorite items from Trader Joes?


  1. I love everything at TJ's. We do about 85% of our grocery shopping there. The cheese puffs are my fave snack!

    Also, I think the saying you're going for is "bee's knees." ;)

  2. I am sooo jealous that you have a TJ's by you. The closest one to me is an hr away :( but I love so many of their products, it's always worth a trip! And I have to try that shampoo! I've been looking to mix it up in the shampoo dept!

  3. I so miss Trader Joes!! I want a TJ's here and a WholeFoods! Please, please. Yes. Thank you.

    (BTW, I've seen it spelled Bee's knees)

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  4. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee TJ's!!!! Do you ever shop at Fresh and Easy? It is my new TJ's only because I can't afford TJ's for my little family. I deffintly like the way you spelled "beezeneeze" ahhahahaha it looks legit! But the saying Bee's knees never made sense to me unitl one day when I looked it up. Because let's be honest.... where are Bee's knees? Do they even have any? hahaha But for reals the meaning is kinda cool. I have missed reading your blog!! And I am happy to be here again!

  5. Have u tried the smores truffles? You actually microwave them. Its awesome!

    - Sarah

  6. LOVE!!!
    That's all I can say...eh...type! xxx

  7. Sorry to burst your bubble.. But it's beeskneeeeeeeeeeeees.
    Yes, 35 e's.



  8. I keep hearing all of these wonderful things about Trader Joe's! I may have to go on a 2 hour road trip!!!
    I had a mini heart attack when a mom of a student brought a TJ paper bag! I forgot to mention she is a flight attendants and visited in Cali....ayyyyyy ;)

  9. they are opening up our tj's in oct and i've missed it dearly since we moved!!! i love their frozen garlic cubes...makes it easy to cook....and their hummus...really if it's tj's i love it!

  10. i have never been to trader joes so i can't really involve myself in this post but that shampoo sounds amazing!

  11. I so wish we had a Trader Joes! You snagged some good stuff!


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