Janette the Project Completer!

Gosh. It feels so nice to finally get around to something that you've been meaning to do for TWO years... Know what I'm sayin'!!!? For me, it was this task.

Stacking some tea cups, Janette??? Really???! That took you two years?!!! NO, SILLY! Look closer! Our home has this nastacious wall paper thingy in our cabinet display-mabobs. (Do you see it now?) They were garish (love that word!) and blue...and diamond-dotted, and naturally nonsensical. So after work last week I hunkered down and finally swapped out the paper in the back.(All while rockin' my 10 second updo that I will never be able to recreate) Boo! It was "masterful in all its ways" (as one of my fave ladies would say)
OK... Moving on... So...Mind you, I only did half  of the cabinets. It's a step in the right direction, right? Still gotta work on the other side... But it's been too hot lately. Anyway, I ended up covering the wallpaper eyesore with that drawer sticker stuff. You know which kind? The kind you use to line the bottoms of your drawers?? Yeah. That! I found a print  that rocks my retinas at THE DOLLAR STORE! Woot! Woot! So yeah I'm happy that it looks better and that it was done all quick-style. (If you know me, you know that this took me less than 15 minutes. I tend to not undertake any kind of crafty task if it takes longer than that. I'm lazy. What can I say?)

So do you have a task that you've been putting off for years?? What is it and why haven't you done it yet!????

PS. For more about my usual, after-work routine and another 10-second-updo, click here.


  1. I always have tasks waiting for me because I'm the laziest person I know, and I'm not patient at all. For example, I had a horrible wallpaper in my bedroom with big orange flowers, it was awful, so awful that during all my teenage years I had covered it with posters of Orlando Bloom (no, I'm not ashamed), there was not an inch without a poster anymore. But when I started dating my boyfriend at the end of high school I had to take it all off, it sort of made him scared, never understood why ;) So I took the posters off and the ugly wallpaper was still here but I had decided to take it off as well and paint my bedroom pink... It took me a whole year to finally get to it ! And now I'm so proud of it, it's not perfect because I had never done that before, but it's girly and classy and beautiful ! I wish I had learned the lesson and become less lazy at doing things like that but nope, I'll never learn THAT lesson ! My next project ? Learning to play the guitar which I bought two years and a half ago (I really suck, I know !)

  2. Congrats! And your gorgeous, janette. <3

  3. I noticed the wall paper right away. I do not like wall paper, especially wall paper with patterns because it detracts from what you put in front of it. Good job in replacing it.

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  4. Your 10 second updo is awesome. Yay for being a project completer. :)

  5. Congrats for getting it done, that's great!! ;) Thanks for your sweet comment, Janette - appreciate it a lot!

    Have a lovely day, xx

  6. I really need to do that in some of my cabinets as well, I had no idea they carried that stuff at the Dollar Store!

  7. This looks great! I love the pretty rose pattern you chose! And you and making me wish I had a pretty hutch!
    And yes!!! I said I would sew myself some skirts two years ago. It never happened!

  8. sensational updo and kudos on stepping up to the task of a revamped tea cup closet!!! i know very well about procrastination - there's many nooks in need of a tender touch ova heah too but they've been as dusted as our mangy floor. we really gotta pick ourselves a time and get going, you're a great insp for this! thanks J.

    um, new blog makeover is really amazeballs and the layout looks fantastic. well done!!!!! everywhere i look is magic. xo ♥

  9. Your hair looks PERFECT, for the record.


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