Janette the Mexican-Food-Eating-Photographer & Babysitter

Lately I've been busy guys! If you asked me what I've been doing, I'd probably answer, "I'm not sure... But I'm swamped!!" Mostly I've been editing pictures, babysitting my little nieces, and eating an inordinate amount of Mexican food. Yay! You'd think I'd eat Mexican food erry day, but I don't. I only eat it when I go to my Ma's. Wow! It's the best!! You know what else is the best?? My desk! I still need a chair (currently using my dinner table chair) and a trash can..perhaps some twinkle lights and a strand of paper hearts too? All I can say is that I'm super inspired by the work spaces I shared yesterday. Woowee! Such beauties! And want to know what else is a beaut?? Some lovely postcards that were sent to me by Beth of Deer Little Fawn (THANKS BETH!). They're beautiful! And I kind of don't want to give them away..but I will! In fact, if you'd like to receive a handwritten postcard, let me know! The first 3 people to ask for it shall be mailed one! Just ask! First 3. Go!


  1. Yay I'm glad you got the postcards ok and that you like them :)
    Hurray for your new desk!

  2. That food looks amaaaazing! And I bet your desk is going to be so creative and fun! Twinkle lights and heart garland? Doooo it!

  3. you got post from where i live--how exciting!

    i love getting mail it makes me happy :) and mexican food is amazing, one of my favourites!

  4. I do! I love mail. Let's be pen pals!

  5. So I sorta kinda like getting mail, A LOT! I would love a new pen pal!!! Check out the giveaway on my blog too!! Email me at ashleyv5812@yahoo for my address and send me yours! ;)

  6. Girlfriend you know I love snail mail! Yay for busy photo editing and yummy homecooked meals!

  7. I vote YES for the twinkle lights. :) Love the desk, though!! I seem to be the same way as you, busy, but what the heck am I doing? Ha. I kind of wish I ate Mexican food every day. LOOKS delish. :D

  8. So last night when I got home from boyfriend's house, it was after 11 & I was looking at your blog and was like, WOW! Is that her desk?! Then I scrolled down and saw more pictures and then realized, NO. But...soon enough! haha. :) [Sorry, I'm still tired.] ANYWAY, Mexican food is simply amazing. And I'd say yes yes yes! to a postcard, but I think three people already said yes. :( I'm gonna go cry in my little corner now. Just kiddingggg.

    .. So jealous.

    Oooohh can I still get a postcard?!

  10. Twinkle lights sound so dreamy! A mini collage of your fave pics would be so cool too!!

    Not only am i coming over for a braiding party, but I'm inviting myself to your mami's for some hearty Mexican food :)

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  11. ha those were fantastic - and no worries using a dinner chair! totally not judging! ...however you have made me crave mexican...dang, its been at least a week since i last had some...

  12. Those are lovely! And I love mexicano food....like a lot! Husband's made me take a break lately because for about a month that is all we were eating and his little tummy couldn't handle all the SPICEY!


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