Janette the Lazy Tripod Owner

Remember when I got a tripod? Yeah, well, I haven't really used it since then cause I get sooo lazy simply thinking about the thought of getting it out... Story of my life... However, yesterday, I really really thought about it because I wanted to capture my outfit (polka dots and animal print is my fave combo of the moment)... but instead I opted for the "I'll-hold-the-camera-myself-and-pretend-I'm-not-holding-it" route. Yeah, well. I'm a lazy bean.

Like my, "I'm gonna pretend that I'm not struggling to hold up this 5lb camera and look away all artsy"  pose? Actually.. No.. I wasn't trying to be emo or modelesque..(Okay, maybe just a little bit) . I was simply trying to get a good shot of my braids too. I like how they came out... Aren't braidy hairdos the best???!
PS. In other news I thought today was Wednesday. I still can't believe it's Thursday. Something is not right here...


  1. Love the braids! So pretty! :)


  2. lol, it IS a lot to get out the tripod AND set it up AND focus/frame yourself! I totally understand your laziness ^.^ I think if I had a remote for my cam I'd be more likely to use my tripod.

  3. If you don't want your tripod.. I'll take it. Oh, and your camera too.

    Can't wait to get myy new blog facelifttt. :D

  4. i love the polka dots and this is probably why i haven't got a tripod yet--i don't even know how the self timer on my camera works.

    i think i have added you on google+--finally upgraded to it but deleted my blog in the process #fail and have a new url. time to start from the beginning again :)

    i should have emailed you--sorry :)

  5. Love how the braids came out! I think that needs a tutorial... ;)

  6. story of my life - i totally thought it was wednesday too...and i love the braids! so neat!

  7. My name is Janette and my hair looks soooo goood, haha! :) Oh, and I totally thought today was Friday! I am all over the place!

  8. Your braids are amazingly fabulous!!! Come work magic with my hair, mkay? Mkay. :)

  9. I think you do a great job in pretending the camera is only 1lb! I'm in love with your hair and the braids! Can you come over and do mine...purrrty please :)
    PS-if Hurricane/Trop Storm Isaac comes near here...I may have an extra day to add to my weekend! Yahoooo!


  10. I want a tripod. luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    and, you are super hot.

    that's all :)

  11. Beautiful as ever dahling.. and I still love your face xoxo

  12. Oh what wonderful pictures!! Your hair is perfect ! I love it. If I could braid any better than a 2 year old I would definitely rock that look!! heartandthrift.blogspot.com


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