Janette the Girl with the Banana Split Buzz.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that I was in a super funk yesterday. PMS, wedding shoot jitters, and confusion over my desire to continue with photography make for a baad combo. I felt like crying one second and doing happy handsprings the next…It was crazy!   Sad… Happy…. Jitters…. Handsprings…. It was a roller coaster guys (Pic 1). Oh yeah. And coffee DOES NOT help when you’re on edge (belated note to self) Anyway. After an emotional morning, my sister stopped by my work to drop off some hand-me-downs. Instant pick me up, right?   I asked her if she wanted to stay and get a pedicure with me cause I just needed some company…She, of course, is not one to turn down unplanned pampering, so she agreed . Woo hoo! Instant girly time!

First thing she says when she gets in my car??  “Lets get a banana split!” Can the woman read minds too??!!? Oh sweet relief (Pic 2).  After eating our treat we went shopping. Well she went shopping. I only window shopped (Pic 4) and tried not to pee pee my pants while laughing at her jokes and antics. Guys! She. Is. HILARIOUS! (Picture #3??? That’s my “no-pee-pee-please” pose. Goodness! I need to work those kegels double time! lol)
After my banana split buzz and shopping, I really could’ve called it a day…I felt great! But I had to keep my pedicure promise. And I’m glad about that. We actually had a really good time at the nail place (Pic 5). The lady helping us out was super fun. A rarity right? I mean, nail ladies barely talk to you (in my experience). But this one was making the funnies left and right. She even convinced us to get eye lash extensions (Pic 6). Her sales pitch? “$20 for one eye. And it’s buy one, get one free today. So you get 2 eyes for $20” Are you serious?? Where did this lady come from!???? Bahaha! 

What a day! What. A. Day! A great blessing....And I'm super thankful.


  1. Hey, soo I'm sorry but I'm really busy this coming month.. And I realized I just don't have time YET to be a pen pal. Sorry!

  2. oh honey bun, I am so happy your sister made your day! I hope you are doing those 3-3-6 breathing exercises!! Just remember that what you are feeling is anxiety so having fun and getting pampered will take your mind off of things. You will do *fantastical* I just know it! Just remember to think of all of the amazing things and how happy people will be because of your work... :) *positive vibes*

    xoxo Andie
    Andie's Traveling Pants

  3. You got your lash extensions for $20?! What the?! She is getting robbed... willingly. haha! I charge $50 and that's my school price!

  4. Your eyes looks amazing in the photo number 6.

  5. I'm glad you let yourself have a fun day go and get pedicures. Sometimes I tell myself I don't have time for things like that but when I make myself take a moment, I feel so much better and have an easier time of getting things done. Your lashes look lovely!

  6. thatbu one eye get one free made me laugh out loud! that lady is funny.

    and it sounds like it was just what you needed :)


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