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I've always been delayed when it comes to fashion and trends. Recently, I was wearing a black vest and my teenage niece said, "Aunty Janette... Um... Those aren't 'in' right now...It's summer.." Was she right? I have no clue. Fashion trends are crazy nowadays. They change so often, I can't keep up...So I do my own thing. If I like it, I'm wearing it. "In" or "Out"?? Doesn't matter. That's my new rule. Anyway.. I wanted to share some inspiring outfits I've seen lately. I'm not sure if they're from 5 years ago or 5 hours ago. But I really like them. And maybe you will too!

I'm loving the menswear slash girly look. It looks so refined...so classy...so prim and proper... 
(Here's my most recent take on it.)
I'm crazy about color! I'm convinced it instantly adds a spring to your step. If you're ever down in the dumps, just pop on a fuchsia dress...or put on a swipe of red lippy and you'll be better in no time...
And finally this last image.. WOW GUYS! Everything about this rocks my retinas... If I had this outfit I'd wear it grocery shopping! Okay. Okay. I wouldn't. But I've always loved the girly rocker look. Ever since high school and Gwen Stefani, it stayed with me. 
(I sort of tried the girly rocker look here. Except I think I needed more girly, less rocker.)

Images via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

So what about you? What do you like?


  1. oh wow I didn't even know the vests weren't in anymore either! I kept meaning to get one. Good thing I didn't get like 5 from the clearance rack thinking I was the hottest thing out there lol!

    My favorite trend right now is color!

  2. Love these looks. The first image, and the pops of color are my favorite. The last look is really pretty, but I don't know if I'd wear it. I don't really know what's in/out with fashion either. Although, I'm trying to learn a little bit, so I don't look boring every day. Ha!


  3. I love the styles in the first two groups of pictures. I am not a fan of dressing down the super dressy, that's just me. I think as long as you're not rocking a mullet you're pretty safe. ;)

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  4. I love all of these things! ESPECIALLY the last outfit - a flowy chiffon dress + a leather jacket? I wish I could pull something like that off.

  5. Fashion is hard to keep up with! If you feel cute and comfy in your outfit, but are unsure if it's "in style" I say go for it. You may start a new trend!

  6. I'm in love with all of these especially the last one. And I don't think the grocery store could handle you in that outfit, you would just have to have them delivered so you could keep on being fabulous!

  7. haha I am way behind on fashion too. I have a post about all that ready to go soon. I love those pics, so something is telling me you have an eye for something good in fashion! I especially love the color!

    Your page has been hard to load/scroll down for me lately. I think since your blog. I don't know if anyone else is having trouble, but just fyi.

  8. I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!! That chiffon dress is to die for and I never would have thought about putting those items with the dress, and it works!!!

  9. I too am slightly obsessed with the menswear/ girly look (though I don't wear it myself-- don't think I can afford to lol). I agree with everyone else...GO FOR WHAT PLEASES YOU...isn't that what fashion is all about? Taking risks?? I say more power to you. Oh! & right now I'm into RINGS! Lots of rings & flowy shirts/ dresses :)

    P.S. if any of you get bored, come check me out! http://www.mypinkdaiquiri.blogspot.com

  10. I want that last dress. Buy me it? If you don't have money.. Then sew?

  11. love your photos! makes me want to go some where..and look pretty!!

  12. Yes, that last look is amazing!

    xo Jennifer


  13. i love all these look abut what i tend to head towards, especially in the colder months, is look number one. well that is what i aiming for in my head and to be honest it hardly ever turns out like that :)


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