Janette and the EVERYTHING weekend!

This weekend was EVERYTHING! Yes. EVERYTHING! I was busy...I was lazy...I relaxed... I stressed... I lounged....I worked...I did it all!  Here's how it started....Friday I was off of work and babysat my two nieces... I decided to take them to Chuck-E-Cheese cause it was hot as a muffin inside my house and I needed a kid-friendly air-conditioned facility, stat! So I whisked the babies (ages 3 & 6) away for an afternoon of over-priced pizza and games... I spent $40 there. Why and how?!!? I'm not sure. I'm blaming the glow-in-the-dark hand stamp they put on me at the entrance. I was very unreasonable and extravagant after that. At least the girls had fun, so I guess it was worth it.

After the cheesy pizza place, I met up with Lovey and his coworkers for some tacos. Me meeting Lovey's coworkers=Inner turmoil, stress, and anxiety. The situation felt super awkward on many levels,  Mainly, Lovey can't stop talking about me at work...So these strangers know everything about me. As a result,  I really felt like they had one-up on me. They know everything about me, but I'm meeting them for the first time (and I know very little about them)...Weird, right? All I can really say about the evening is that they were nice people and it wasn't as bad as I had envisioned... Take it as you will..

Saturday, after another afternoon at the library, Lovey and I went swimming at a friends' house. This friend (our newest fave person EVER!) was out of town and let us borrow his pool. It was the best pool-side experience of the summer! I mean... The whole place to ourselves? WOW! It was FANTASTIC! Well that is until we discovered paint coming off the sides and bottom of the pool creating a murky substance that left our feet white and cakey. Yuuuummy... Nothing like taking a dip in milky lead water,eh... As is expected,  we left soon after.  Day ruined??? NOT A CHANCE! That evening we took my parents out to a legit Persian restaurant, complete with live music, belly dancing, and Koobideh! You know what weirds me out a little though? Koobideh looks like poopy. It tastes the opposite of poopy(Not that I know what poopy tastes like) But for real.. Why can't they shape the beef differently? I'd take a kidney-shaped meat slab over a poopy-shaped one ANY DAY!

WOW! I said "poopy" like 10 times in the last paragraph. Sorry that won't happen again.. Okay.. Onward and forward...So Sunday was my lounging/work day. I pretty much started editing my last wedding shoot as soon as I woke up. Yeah. That picture that looks like I just rolled out of bed???? I took that at 3PM. I didn't even fix my bedhead until about 5 when I had to go run an errand. Raar! Poor Lovey who had to look at my lazy woman face all day. Sorry Lovey!:-/

So what'd you guys do? Tell me!


  1. sounds like you had a busy weekend.

    we spent saturday walking around west london and sunday was spent doing boring things like food shopping and todying. but we now have one room in our place totally sorted woohoo!

  2. whoa what a busy weekend!
    and i'm so glad things went well with the husband's co-workers. That's so awesome he talks about you all the time.
    And omg on Koobideh! wtf? I'm glad it tasted good at least :)

  3. You are such a sweetheart! I love your personality and spunk. ;)
    Sounds like you had a great weekend.
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and leaving me such a sweet comment. Please keep in touch!

  4. I would love to have a pool all to myself! Chuck-E-Cheese adds up fast, right!?

  5. Your topknot is so cutee.

    And my weekend was definitely STRESSFUL. :P
    But on the uphand..


  6. You are too cute. No lead poisoning, right? Glad you had a fun weekend :)


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