Janette the Dog

Apparently, I have no shame and am completely okay with posting pictures of myself in a dog nose.. Go figure!? Anyway!
I hope you  guys had a relaxing, pool-side, cupcake eating kind of weekend! I did. And it was grand! Here's 10 things I did...(in no particular order)

1. Ate my weight in guacamole.
2. Went to a pool party at our friends' home.
3. Edited wedding pictures like a fiend!
4. Mourned the loss of my luscious lashes (some of the eyelash extensions started to fall out so I yanked the rest off)
5. Ouch!
6. Lovey and I had a yummy Sunday afternoon lunch at my parent's house.
7. I made quiche!
8. I hurt my back while swimming like a boss. Ha!
9. Ouch!
10. Made some killer lemony herb chicken! (The secret?? Steak seasoning!)

So what did you do? What were your weekend highlights? Lowlights?


  1. Girl, you rock the dog nose! :) Glad you had an awesome weekend - minus the ouches.

  2. we went away for the weekend and it was the best thing ever :)

    that cupcake looks amazing and i think you pull off the dog nose really well!

  3. Love the lighting in these picture, it's GORGEOUS.

  4. GIRL!!! I LOVE the new look! Slash, guacamole is THE best. :)

  5. that cupcake looks heavenly! sounds like a pretty good weekend minus the eyelash fiasco and the back issue. i've never had fake lashes of any kind. how do extensions work? when i worked at a bridal store we had an add for eyelash extensions, or something similar, and it was so creepy. the lady who came to sell to our brides once had lashes that stuck off her face a good 6 feet. okay, maybe not that much but i was like, apparently those are fake.

    anyway. guacamole is my favorite dip ever. i could eat my weight in it probably 5 times daily. jk. but srsly.

  6. yummy cupcake!! Now I am wanting cupcakes. you're writing is hilarious by the way :) Hope you recover from swimming! summer can be a dangerous thing!!

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  7. Guacamole = AMAZING. And I totally wish I could cook! I just love food in general, what the heck, haha. PS, I bought Target shoes...!

  8. Cupcakes & Pool & friends = You got an amazing weekend.
    My weekend was not as fun as yours, pero el Lunes si lo fue, because I was a few hours with the guy that I like :P

    PS: love my Spanglish haha

  9. I want some cupcakes...some avocados...a dip in the pool...and I want to steal your picture taking skills...(TAKE NOTE...k?)

    Andie's Traveling Pants


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