Janette the Beach Cottage Dweller

Do you ever have delayed reactions? I do! For example, when my best gal pal Val made my Hello Kitty Darth Vader cake for my birthday, I was floored and excited..... but the magnitude of its awesomeness didn't hit me until bedtime. I kept telling Lovey, "CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT CAKE???! IT WAS INCREDIBLE!" Things just take a while to process in my head. Exhibit A: The past two days...

Lovey and I were invited to stay in a beach-side cottage, with family, free of charge, at one of our favorite beaches, Crystal Cove. And just now...hooours after the fact...as I sift through pictures...am I finally registering how greatmazing it all was! WOW! It's was a blessed experience I will never forget.
Crystal Cove Cottages are the hot ticket, guys! Each  beach side cottage is a little vintage nugget of glory. I highly recommend you book a trip there at some point in your life.. Of course you have to book about 9 months in advance, but it's so worth it.
Gosh! I'm so thankful to the Lord. Seriously, for His blessing and protection the last few days. I'm soo grateful!


  1. what an amazing piece of heaven!!! will have to look into it! hope you are having a fab week :)

  2. Awesome photos!! I love the new blog look, by the way. :)

  3. I do the same thing. I take a while to process the awesomeness of things. This can leave people that do things for me wondering if I really appreciate it. I do. It just sometimes hits me later. That cottage looks amazing.

  4. What an adorable cottage!! So jealous you got to stay there! I'm definitely the same as you - sometimes awesomeness takes a while to process. :)

  5. Yes times infinity to the delayed reactions! Always happens! And if I ever get to go here it has to be with you obviously? Should we go ahead and book now? ;)

  6. When something overwhelms me I have a delayed reaction. Sometimes I have an immediate reaction and then hours later I have a stronger reaction. It's so weird.

    I love Cali's beach's (well, most of them). That cottage is so cute. When I was in my early 20's I dreamed that I owned a cottage very similar to that one, on a beach in Southern Cali. I think I could get used to life on the beach.

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  7. Oh my gosh that beach cottage is gorgeous!
    I absolutely have delayed reactions...sometimes it can take a while for me to realize how blessed I really am!
    Wonderful photos! xxx

  8. uhhhaaaaahhhh! Need this! Thank you for posting the link...I was dying to know how to hook myself up with this. I'm totally down with booking 9 months in advance, thats when I do all my best thinking

  9. crystal cove is amazing! you lucky duck.


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