Janette Apologizes.

Wow... My title weirds me out a  bit with its third person-ness. But I'll go with it...
Yes, Janette wants to apologize.. Profusely! She's been so blah lately with blogging. Blah. Blah. Blah. This week blogging felt half-hearted for her. She was a busy bee! She wishes she could give this place and her online pals 150% because they're worth it... But she promises she will do better soon and leave lots of comments on your blogposts as well... Yes, next week will be better, Lordwilling. She also wants to thank everyone who reads and comments on this blog... She thinks the world of you...She really does!


  1. I know the feeling. I just got rid of a bunch of content and ad swaps and buttons and and ... facebook! HAHA!!

  2. i have been there when there just isn't enough time and it feels a bit half hearted. just take your time :)

  3. I think this will make you laugh:
    I read your title as "Janette the Apologizer" Why? Because I'm so use to that being the pattern of your titles. I did a double take after the third person statement and realized the craziness of my ways. lol...

    Feel better please :) I enjoy your blog even when you think it's half-hearted (^.^)


  4. YOU HAVE NOT BEEN BLAH. I don't think so.


  5. I have been the same way! I think it's just busier during the summer so it's hard to blog and read posts and comment. No one takes it personal though, hopefully :)


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