Cool. Not Cool. Undecided.

-Coolest thing ever??? I'm guest posting at Love, The Skinnys. My post is about how to gain new followers/friends/readers... Please check out Deidre's blog. She's a newlywed, beauty queen, and the sweetest person ever! For real.

-The ever-so-lovely, Cait Emma of Linen & Leaves nominated little ol' me for her Liebster award. Wee! This is not the first time I've been given the honor.. And honestly.. It never gets old! Thanks Cait! You're a peach!

-The shooting in NYC. Man. When will this ever end? So sad :-(
- My house is going to be messy this weekend.. Moving and rearranging stuff. Huge messes stress me out. A lot.
- Keep getting pestered by one of my sister's old friends wanting to know her whereabouts.. Just one question ma'am: Why can't you just email my sister directly??? *Annoyed face*

-Having a garage sale soon. Good idea? Or bad idea? Hmm... I don't like my neighbors coming over to my house.. LOL (Sad but true.) Yeah, we'll probably make loads of cash..but it's not worth the nosiness that will ensue. Arggh!
- I've got something to ask you all about your husbands or significant others. Concerning what you do when your interests clash...That sort of thing.. I will save it for a blogpost...Maybe next week?

Feliz Friday and have a great weekend friends!!


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  1. Messes stress me out too.. Majorrrrrly.

    GARAGE SALE!??! WHY DO WE LIVE SO FAR APART!?!? Ship me clothes!!! :(

  2. I am not a fan of giving or even for that matter going to garage sales. My sister manages to find the fabulous garage sales and can walk away from a day of sale-ing with great things. Once she went out with $25 and came back with work clothes worth $400 or more. Me? I always manage to find the meth-head garage sales. =/

    Bill and I have been married long enough that most of our interests don't clash. However, he LOVES documentary channels like the Military Channel, History Channel, etc. I am not a fan of those but we compromise. I have watched them with him and come away happy that I did because I learned something. But if I don't really like something he wants to watch, I go read. Basically if our interests are at odds we compromise, but we both compromise not just me, and not just him.

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  3. Yay for guest blogging and conGRATS on the award! You totally rock and deserve it, of course. :)

    Have you already moved or are in the process?! I completely understand not liking big messes...A nice, clean, organized environment is my sorta place!

    Have a great weekend, lady!

  4. Awesome guest post Janette! Loved it.

    Totally not spamming you, but I'm having a giveaway for a gorgeous necklace and I thought you might like to have a looksee :)

  5. girl, for real I never ever knew how people did this! now I'm doing it all the time! You rock at life. for real! can't wait for your guest post for me on 8/31 ... this friday :)
    Lovely Life of Leah
    (see how I just did that?!)

  6. aw thanks for the shout-out! i guess you keep getting it cause you are just too fabulous my dear!!

  7. i loved your post about gaining new followers--really good advice :)

    and interests clashing with the other half--big topic! not sure what my view is we don't clash that much and try and compromise but sometimes it is inevitable right?

  8. Hope you had a happy weekend janette! I hope the rearranging went well....were you moving in your new desk? It looks awesome. :)

    Can't wait to weigh in on clashing interests with the hubs.....hmmmmmm.

    AND I'm with you on the shooting(s). Why can't it just stop!! Makes me so very sad. And a little bit scared, too.

    Happy week ahead! xoxo


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