Cool. Not Cool. Undecided. (LINKUP LASSIES!)

-Coolest thing ever??? I'm guest posting at Lovely Life of Leah. I'm talking about how to lose blog followers with grace. Haha! You might find it interesting...Or not. Check it out! Leah's top notch too! So at least go check out her blog...

-In case you missed last week's guest post over at Love, The Skinnys, it was about how to gain new followers.. Please check out Deidre's blog... She's the besterest.

-I'm done editing wedding pics! Woo! Time to ship off the loot!

-This morning Lovey and I got up at 5AM to go to breakfast before work. Awww! Looove those days.. We do it every once in a while and it's pretty cool each time. Today, a Dennys patron threw a bagel on the floor in disbelief as he was walking out the door. There was something fishy about him (hospital patient clothes and bracelet), but still.. who throws a bagel????!!!

-This heat. Gosh. For real. It's hot. I need Fall. NOW!

-Had another earthquake... Actually, Cali has had quite a few this past week. I only felt one of them though and that's more than enough thanks.

-Sending off wedding pictures really really stresses me out!! I'm a nervous wreck. Will my clients be pleased with my work?? Or not?  I hope so!And you know, I'm one of those people that needs lots of affirmation...So if they only say, "Thanks. They're good." I'll be horrified. GAHHHHH!!

-Three day weekend plans!! I don't know what we're doing.. Probably staying home..which is cool I guess. I'm a homebody anyway. What are you doing?

Wellsers...There you have it folks! Feliz Friday and have a great 3 day weekend!!! WOOO!!!


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  1. Can't wait to read that guest post! And yay, wedding pictures done!!
    PS--You have nothing to worry about! Your clients WILL love it. I love your photography. (:

  2. Just read both of your guest posts...and your amazing! I will definitely try out all of your tips and you are right-whatever happens we will never be happy so let us just GET OVER IT!

  3. I'm so happy I didnt feel any of the quakes! My family lives right by where it happened, Brawley, and they had something like 70 of them. Yikes.

  4. Found you from Leah's! (I really liked your guest post!)

  5. earthquakes must be really scary.

    i wish we got up early to have a special breakfast together on a work day but we never do, probably because i am too lazy and like my bed too much :)


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