Cool. Not Cool. Undecided. (LINKUP LASSIES!)

- I got a lot of stuff on my TO-DO list done this week. I'm quite proud of myself. (Exhibit A)
-Next week (Lordwilling) will be  m a g i c a l ! Can't wait to share with you guys!
-I'm guest posting soon soon at Lovely Life of Leah and From the Desk of Miss Edmunds. Excited for you to read.
- I scored some cool stuff at the thrift store! Wee! Shall share my finds soon! (Want to see what I got on my last thrifting spree? Click the )

-I HATE EXPERIAN! Okay. So I didn't read the fine print cause I was in a hurry to get a credit report for my insistent and concerned poppa (cause someone was trying to scam him). So I rushed through the credit report application and didn't read the LAME 3pt. font about monthly fees. I'm soooooo ticked right now.. I've been getting charges of $17.95 for the past few months. HATE! HATE! HATE THEM! I mean... I know it's my fault, but seriously guys... We've got a lot on our plates right now and $17.95/month may not seem like a lot to you...But when you're heading your own household and others depend on you for financial support, $17.95 is a fortune!!! >:-|

-Earthquakes!!! What in the world? Two within 10 hours in the same location and approximately the same magnitude...I hate earthquakes. May the Lord please have mercy on us and our families. In Jesus' name. AMEN!

-Got invited to the beach on Sunday...but I kind of don't want to go...I mean, I'm sure you guys who don't live near beaches wouldn't pass it up...But...I don't know...I'm kind of over it. (I know, I know. I'm so spoiled and take stuff for granted)
-I'm babysitting my baby nieces most of next week... Kind of nervous.. I mean... I've watched them for a few hours here and there..But all day? What do I feed them??? Haha! Just kidding. I'll be fine. I hope!

Please LINK UP friends! And if you would be so kind as to include my button on your post I'd greatly appreciate it! Also the link up is open for a few weeks, so feel free to link up whenevs.


  1. Yay! So glad the link up is opened more than one day. Now I can in a day or two! :)

  2. I have my own kid, but babysitting my niece all day would be stressful to me too! I hope it goes well :)
    Also, your blog updates look really great!


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