Janette, the Weekend Recapper.

-Worked for a few hours then went on a mad dash to the store to pick up some birthday balloons for my baby niece.

-We hosted said nieces' birthday party BBQ style (YUM!). It went okay. There were some awkward(and terribly rude moments) when some guests brought 2 (YES TWO!) extra birthday cakes even though we had mentioned it was taken care of. (Ugh. I'm still upset about that. Lame.)

-Got some awkward hugs and "I love yous" from some people at the party that I hardly see or talk to (not immediate family). I don't even know why. I know they don't love me. They probably couldn't even tell you my middle name (Not that I have one). Haha! I just simply don't like fakeness like that. I can't deal.

-Some fam was in town for the birthday BBQ, so we spent some time with them.It was nice.

-Lovey and I took a delicious afternoon nap..And by delicious, I mean, he slept, not me. I just laid next to him and I was happy with that.

-Lovey and I went to an amazing Italian restaurant for dinner! 2 entrees, bread, salad, ice cream, and free wine (And by wine, I mean, ewww! I don't like wine. I gave mine to Lovey.)  for $30. That's a steal!

-Made a yummy brekky...and by yummy, I mean hash browns, eggs, and turkey bacon. (Ok I'll stop with that now. I promise.)

-We camped out on our couch pretty much all day...Well.. that is  until Lovey's pals showed up. Then I withdrew to my room cause I didn't want to talk about how to brew beer for three hours.

-I ate a ton of watermelon. Yum!

-After dinner, Lovey and I watched this old Sinbad thing on Netflix. I love Sinbad. He's got clean humor. He's not even that funny.. But I like that he's clean.

Well.. That's it folks. What was your weekend highlight? Lowlight? I'm sure from the aforementioned you can guess mine...  

TWO cakes? Really????!


  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend. And relaxing (after friday)! And I know what you mean about the family thing in the "friday" part. I'm not close with my family, especially aunts/uncles/etc. If for some reason I do see them at a party or something, they don't even reconize that I'm there. I don't even know if I want to invite them to Brian and my wedding, but if I don't 98% of the guests will be for Brian. And it's small as it is!

  2. Friday: I worked out, baby! Then I went to work for a couple of hours. Literally, just a couple! Then I watched the rest of Parks and Rec on Netflix with the husby. I need season 4!
    Saturday: Worked. Looked into getting new phones. Went to T-Mobile to see the phones irl (haha). Made nachos! Watched Brave!
    Sunday: Went to church. Chilled. Blogged :) Watched some Korean drama.

    I like listing weekend stuff, it makes me seem less lame. Like I did stuff with my time this weekend :)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I worked all weekend so that sucked. I'll just pretend like I did fun things like you ;) And 2 cakes? Not cool. At all.


  4. i hate fakeness and i had a bit of it this weekend--boo! but i acted like a grown up {hopefully} and did the mature thing even though i wanted to scream and shout.

    and two cakes? what is wrong with people?

  5. let them eat cake. in a positive way.


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