Janette the Sloth

 I cannot get over this slump. I've been on vacation-mode since the beginning of this month. My room is a mess, my closet is not color-coded anymore, I have about a 1000+ pictures to edit and upload. I cannot seem to get motivated to do anything productive. I mean, I did just back from my anniversary weekend mini-vacay (official pics coming soon....... or not) But it just doesn't feel like it's time to get back to work.. Know what I mean? I haven't had a "normal" work week since about June and I've been so busy that I feel like I've lost my "normal" routine. I guess that's not a bad thing, but can I  hit pause for just a second so I can take a nap and answer the hundred emails that need a reply??? Goodness.. Anyway. Here's my face as of late.... Sun-kissed and carefree. Vacation-mode Janette needs to stop...Where's warrior-like ninja Janette? She's always ready to tackle endless to-do lists. Yeah. I need her back. Right now. K. Thanks.


  1. I've felt the same way the past few days. Just not productive. Hopefully that will change after this weekend. Brian and I are going on a much needed mini-vacation and I can't wait! :) Hope you get to feeling like your normal self again!


  2. Can't wait to see all of the pics! Happy belated Anniversary!

  3. i've felt the same...but I also don't have a job yet...so i feel like i'm on vacay every day!!! good luck breaking the cycle. i'm dreading when i have to break it!!! happy anniversary!

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