Janette the Lover of San Diego (Part 2)

Okay...Yesterday I took a break from my San Diego extravaganza because I was guest posting over at Natalie's blog, Natalie Blair (check it out if you missed it). But where did I leave off?!!! Hmmm... Oh yeah! So... The majority of our morning was spent exploring Cabrillo Monument and Solana Beach, but after getting our fill of sand, sun, and surf we headed to Downtown San Diego for some lunch, stunning architecture, and colorful characters at Comicon..
 And no Lovebear Family vacation is complete without an argument. Seriously. Lovey and I  argue every time while on holiday. Nothing major...Just some lame disagreement. The couple losing their temper on the sidewalk of a busy, touristy street??!? That's us. We're such fat kids too cause all our disagreements are regarding food. lol Seriously. It's sad, but funny. But what can I say? We're in love!
After downtown San Diego, we went to my second most favorite place ever, Balboa Park! Wow guys! That place is great! It's full of wonderful nooks and crannies... Just get off the main street and you'll find amazing little treats tucked away between the main attractions.
 After walking the length of the park, we went to Old Town San Diego to shop, explore, and have dinner at our favorite restaurant, La Pinata (best steak ever!)
A sweet sunset stroll to end our day would've been amazing had we not already been walking around for 8+ hours...We were tired, full, happy, and just wanted to go back to our hotel and take a nice, long shower and sleep. Which is exactly what we did!
The next morning we slept in for a bit and went to T's Cafe in Solana Beach for brekky where I ate this:
And finally, our drive home.......It was full of sunshine, sea-views, and happy memories to carry us home...Happy Anniversary to me & Lovey!


  1. are you kidding me with that french toast?!?!?! it looks amazing! like melting in my mouth!!! ahhhhhh. i miss san diego. these pictures and posts make me want to go back.

  2. So, yeah, your pictures are awesome...but that french toast with dulce de leche? fudging AMAZEBALLS! I want some too! I have a little fatty of my own who I'm currently nursing back to health, but know this, we will be dining some delicious french toast soon too!! ha!

    xo Andie

  3. Sooooooo... did you get me anything from that market?? Yes? No? :( boo...


  4. happy anniversary to you two!! looks like you guys had an amazing time! :)

  5. These photos look so beautiful! I absolutely love your blog by the way :)


  6. Beautiful pictures! It looks like you had a great time! And it looks relaxing too! :) Your breakfast looks so good, and the last picture makes me want to be there!


  7. Amazing pictures! I hope to get to San Diego one day.


  8. I am your newest follower! Love the blog here.


  9. Lovely photos! Looks like you two had a nice get away!

  10. okay girl, between part 1 and this i am just reeling over the sunny skies and fab flora....plus BEACHTASTICS! uh, i thought someone didn't partake in sand on feet?! perhaps the San Diego surf compelled you across the death trap ; ) baha! i'm so thrilled for you 2 on taking this trip to celebrate your WA (acronym!) and you guys are cute as can be!!! i haven't been in years but it sure makes me wanna revisit especially being reminded about the astute architecture, it's radness for reals.

    much love to you both and many more years of bliss!! xo ♥

  11. It looks so beautiful, and sounds like a wonderful anniversary :) Thank you for your comment, I am hoping that I don't have a brown thumb with the plants (We now have two! We splurged on a basil plant yesterday!) ... can't believe you kill cacti!

  12. Old Town San Diego is my fave--and the La Pinata is seriously one of the best Mexican eateries I've EVER been to! Did you go in the Whaley House? Did you see the cutest little coffee/tea shop down there in the super old historical buildings? Oh my gosh, I want to go there for my bday this year and just spend the weekend in SD with my hubs and invite my family out for a beach day. Love these photos! Happy Anni!

  13. jealous! I used to live in San Diego, and I miss it!!

  14. Your hair is so pretty and that breakfast thing looks amazing! Is that peanut butter?

  15. I've been catching up on your blog this morning lady! You have been a busy bee!
    Loved seeing all your vacation pictures! The pretty beach and lighthouse and tide pools! And that park looks amazing! I want to go so bad! Sorry I've been an absent blogger! Hope to be better now! xoxo


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