Janette the Lover of San Diego (Part 1)

Lovey and I had a wedding anniversary weekend getaway (last weekend) in the lovely city of San Diego.  (I. Love. San. Diego!) And it wasn't really our anniversary. Our 4 year anniversary is this week, but we're just over achievers and like to start early on celebrations and stuff.

Here's a pic-summary recap of our entire trip. It was a surf and turf kind of extravaganza. We visited beaches and the city city... with lots of yummy food in between. Amazing right?

First we started out at Solana Beach at the kind recommendation of some lovely friends. And really...it wasn't too dangerous... (chuckles nervously)
 We swam ...Scratch that... Lovey swam in the ocean for a bit... I waded up to my secrets cause I was too chicken to dunk my goodies and head in the water.. Too too cold guys!  (Oh! And don't be overly jealous of our beach home okay?) Bahaha! ;-)
After some short sun bathing at the beach, we drove to my most favorite place of all time in San Diego, the Cabrillo National Monument. I get so giddy at places with majestic 360 degree views...In love right here:
Not only is Cabrillo Monument home of the......Cabrillo Monument...It's also the lucky location of one of 8 lighthouses in California...Or was it the entire west coast of the US?! Or was it 1 of 7??? Hmm.. Now I can't remember anything the informative plaque said... Guuhrate.
 Oh glory that only cost me $5! I'm in love! I had never been inside the lighthouse and didn't have a clue that there were also accessible tide pools at the park. Wham bam!
After visiting the lighthouse, Lovey and I drove down to the beach/tide pool access, hiked for a bit and sat on the edge of this cliff that jutted out over the water...But we only sat for about 30 seconds, cause we both got simultaneous and terrifying thoughts of huge waves (him) and or earthquakes (me) sweeping us off our perch.We're babies, Lovey and I.
Well, that's it for today, friends. I shall have one more San Diego post later this week...But if you're interested in seeing more of the Cabrillo Monument, please check out Stephanie's blog, Big Mario Life. She was there one week before us visiting from San Fran. Cool huh?


  1. Gorgeous!
    I am headed to San Diego for the 1st time over labor day and am SOOOOoOoOoOo excited! I love your pics! Let me know everything we HAVE to do because I have no clue!?

  2. this looks amazing no wonder you loved your trip :)

  3. I've always wanted to go up in a lighthouse!! Your beachy vacation is very appealing right now! Love the photos too. It's always nice to see interesting perspective shots!

    P.S. You're gorgeous :)

  4. Ah you were here!!!

    I've never been to that monument. But now I really want to!

  5. Love these photos--I always love to see photos of adventures! And you are an awesome photographer, my friend!

  6. Awesome pictures! Looks like the perfect anniversary getaway! You are gorgeous! xxx

  7. i seriously haven't been over here in FOR-EV-ER! i'm sorry!

    these photos are amazing!
    looks like a fantastic anniversary adventure!

    off to catch up more..

  8. How fun! We love San diego! The farmers mkt on Saturdays is to die for!

  9. I love San d! Such a good little place. These pictures are so beautiful! I want to see more more more! Happy anniversary love bugs!

  10. EEK!! I love your blog!! I'm so glad you found me and I found you!! haha!! (I swear that sounds stalkerish...yikes)

  11. Thanks Janette, your comment WAS indeed very encouraging <3 Thanks for being the 70th! whoo hoo!

  12. This looks fabulous. I love all the architecture you captured.

    PS... your comment about nectarines made me laugh out loud. They are seriously an amazing fruit though and I think they're highly underrated.

    Following you now.


  13. San Diego is so beautiful. Happy anniversary! I hope that means you're going to celebrate twice. ;)

  14. I love this!! The water was a little too cold for us, too, but it sure was nice to sit on the beach and listen to it. THANK YOU for linking to my post!! :)

  15. Love all the photos and it looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time!


  16. What a beautiful couple! I just love San Diego; there is so much to do and the weather is generally so nice. Love all your photos!

  17. Oh wow, what a pretty beach! I just came back too and I miss it so much. I love rocky beaches like this the best though :)

  18. What a cool place to visit! The sand and the water looks fantastic. And that is definitely a nifty photo of the interior of the lighthouse. :)


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