Janette the Interviewee

Happy handsprings! I'm getting interviewed by the lovely Kristen at The Wright Stuff! Find out what's my #1 tip for new bloggers, how I got started blogging, and why I think I'm like a thrift store. Yes. A thrift store. (Go figure). Click here to read!

And I figured I'd toss some Instagrams in this post cause I'm cool like that...

-My anniversary date. Lovey bailed. Ha!
- Letter from my favorite pen pal, Amy of Girl Called Beloved.
-Anniversary flowers from my mom. She's amazing, right?
-Best outfit pose ever! (Flats: Target, Jeans: Marshalls, Blazer thingy: Burlington Coat Factory, Blue blouse & Beige striped shirt: Salvation Army)


  1. Ooooh, do you wanna be my penpal!? Comment on my little bitty blog and let me know! (:

  2. thanks so much for guest posting today! know my readers are going to love you!!

  3. OMG! I love your new design! Only problem is I can't see the links :(

  4. When you say Lovey bailed I hope you don't mean your man?! That would be Not Cool!

  5. I remember making tons of notes like that! It was the best part of high school, haha.
    Holly got her heart umbrella from Forever 21, but I think it was a couple of years ago...

  6. Hi!! Found your blog through Elisabeth, and am heading over to Kristen now!! I love the blue blouse you are wearing and gutted it is thrifted!
    Nic, your newest follower :)


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