Janette the Birthday Girl

 Remember how I staged a fake birthday to throw potential identity thieves off my online tracks? (The things I do. *shakes head*) Anyway. I'm finally going to post what I did for my real big day cause it was magical and AMAZING. Aaand my glorious birthday cake deserves a billboard...Or an award...Or a Pinterest pin, at least! Are you ready for this?
Ta da!! Is it INCREDIBLE or what? My best gal pal, Val made it for me... Hello Kitty Darth Vader??? BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! WOW! I can't even describe how amazing it was. I really can't. (Great job Val!) Am I loved or what? I really am. My friends and family made my day super special. For starters, my coworkers took me to my favorite restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory. Have you tried the Navajo Chicken Sandwich? It's heavenly!

And in the evening we hosted a birthday BBQ (Cheeseburgers!!! My fave!) for our closest friends and family. It's really a treat for me to see my parents interacting well with my friends. I love it!
And finally,the night ended with cake and presents. Yay! It was perfect...And guys...This man spoiled me rotten. NO JOKE! Lovey went all out with the gift giving. It was craaaazy...

He even purchased different kinds of wrapping paper he thought I would like and made sure that every gift had a curling ribbon (some of which he made by hand). And it made me cry. Seriously. I'm still crying about it now! I saved one of the ribbons, naturally. Why? Well, Lovey is such a busy guy. He's either working, eating, studying, or sleeping. No joke. That's all he has time for lately...But knowing that he took the time to make me a curly-q  ribbon so my presents would look pretty for me means the world!!

  I'll save this ribbon till I die.

PS. You may have noticed I changed my blog design a bit. And you may have also noticed my sponsor/friend section is gone, too. I'm sending an email about it to the friends I had featured on there. Thanks for your patience!


    ohmygoodness it is perfection... and I did not realize you were a HK + starwars girl too! your birthday looked truly amazing. Happy belated! xoxo

  2. You are too funny! Seriously. haha! What a beautiful birthday! And beautiful new blog design!
    happy belated birthday!

  3. Love the cake! Looks like you had an amazing birthday--and you look gorgeous, my friend! Love the new blog design too ♥

  4. Hahaha I remember when you made that fake bday post. Well my darling Feliz Cumpleanos and I love that cake, your right it needs to be on pinterest.

  5. What a sweet sweet man to do that for you - it's the little things like curled bows huh? :)
    Hope you had a faaaabulous birthday!

  6. that cake is incredible!

    i am glad you had a wonderful birthday, i am sure you deserved it :)

    and i am liking the new blog design, very cool!

  7. That cake is awesome! Happy Birthday you lucky, loved girl!
    Love the new blog design!

  8. Yayyyyy! So glad you had an awesome birthday! It's always a little nice to be spoiled. ;)
    And that cake is awesome! Can't even believe my eyes!!!

  9. wheeeeee! best. cake. EVER!!!

    Glad your birthday was fantabulous!!

  10. Well happy freaking unbirthday and belated birthday to you sweetheart!!!!
    Now, that birthday cake was amazeballz, if I may say so myself! But yeah..hands down, he wins for the wrapping paper and making those ribbons himself...he did them, by himself?! DANG! He's good and thoughtful! I need to leave this post open for hubby dearest when my unbirthday nears! lol

    Andie's Traveling Pants

    PS-I am super paranoid about the things I post online too. I've stopped using FourSquare and FB Check-Ins for that same reason!!

  11. Such a lucky birthday girl! I love the cake. What great friends and family you have.

  12. THAT CAKE!!!! heart eyes heart eyes heart eyes::::

    oh man! i love it! i want a piece! ;]

    so glad your actual birthday was wonderful! that lovey story is absolutely the sweetest thing. you save that bow forever and ever amen! it would look SO CUTE stuck on a picture of the two of you. you know, black and white, big, black frame, with a big curly sparkly bow?! yes! do it!

    ps. i'll send you my button soon <3

  13. Happy birthday! I love that you saved that little curly q ribbon. The little things can mean so much sometimes and now you have a nice little reminder of that. :)

    PS - I'm in love with the new design!!! I'll send over the new ad as soon as I can! No joke, I'm beyond impressed that you did this by yourself!

  14. happy happy birthday!! :)

    loving the new look over here too!

  15. Kind of late but FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS :)

  16. Oh my goodness I can't believe he changed the wrapping paper for you!?! is that even real ;) Yay for a happy belated birthday!! your day seemed wonderful!

  17. You are just so dang pretty. Tell me your secrets! (:
    And that cake looks too good to eat.. Like, perfect.


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