Cool. Not Cool. Undecided. (VLOG)

Feliz Friday! Hello & welcome to another edition of COOL. NOT COOL. UNDECIDED Link-Up fiesta! Today's a little different cause I decided to vlog (coolest word ever) my Not Cools. Why? I'm not sure. Seemed like a good idea after a long day of work...Ha! Well..enjoy! And please link up! And remember, link to your post and not to your blog home page. Thanks so much!
-San Diego rocks my retinas.
-I like looking at Beatles memorabilia
-In & Out. 'Nuff said.
-$1 earrings. Can't beat that.

So this week, I'm coming at you VLOG style with the Not Cools. Please lets still be friends after you watch..(Hoping my pimples don't scare you away!)
Check out my guest post at Natalie's blog, Natalie Blair.
- Apparently I don't know how to match jewelery. I just wear gold, and silver, and sparklies, and animal print all at once. Hearts.. Butterflies.. You name it! I got it on! I'm like a Disney Channel character. Oy! What do you think about mismatching jewelry? Yea or nay?
-I really like studs on anything...But on my shoes? Seems a little dangerous no? Maybe???
-I'm super duper UNDECIDED about my link up party. I'm having trouble "branding" the look of it...It's just not what I want. Oh boy! Decisions. Decisions.


  1. I loved your not cool vlog! You are so great. I am writing my post right now! I will be linking up soon :)

  2. LMAO! I was totally cheesing when you said my name and blog! And people totally came and commented on your post! I need to do a vlog but I am waaaaaay too chicken!! I will link mine tomorrow :)

  3. Love your vlog! You're cute, even with! I have been breaking out like crazy lately as well, but for me it's those days of the month...haha
    Happy Friday xxx

  4. my gosh, not cool about those protesters! That is scary and just plain stupid. I have no respect for people who do not protest peacefully. {}

    Ugh you are making me crave some In and Out. Thankfully it's close...might have to go make a run!!

    xo. have a good weekend!

  5. I love mismatched jewelry! I hate it when it is all matchy matchy, I feel like a soccer mom or I should be heading up the PTA

  6. I love the vlog lady! They do take forever to record. I always do something stupid at the very very end after it was mostly perfect the rest of the time. Ew. Hahaha I'm glad you vlogged so I can hear your voice because that is not what I expected you to sound like! Crazy! In a good way. ;] ps. Shut up about your minuscule pimples. My face? Holy exploding teenage acne batman. Jk. But Srsly. I thought we were supposed to grow out of that!!

  7. haha, for some reason I laughed when I read "click my face". I love your blog, and I am terrible at responding to comments, but thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog! They always make me smile. You make my day, thanks!
    Lauren Elizabeth

  8. Love the vlog. I am obsessed w making them too I just finished a questionnaire. Follow me at


  9. Matchy matchy jewelry isn't my thang, so I'm all for the mismatching! And the shoes.. Dangerous? Naahhh, rock em girl!

  10. I love LOVE your shoes!! Send em' on over!! hahaha.



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