Cool. Not Cool. Undecided. (LINKUP PARTY)

Jolly joy! It's time for another rendition of Cool. Not Cool. Undecided. Link up pretty pies! It's simple. Just write a blogpost (you can even use my divider icons!) about the great, the ugly, and the iffy things in your life. And link up so everyone can see! Easy breezy! Here's my list this week.

-My 4th of July was spectacular. Driving on PCH is #1. (More pictures to come!)
-I'm hosting a giveaway! Stay Sit tight for 6 hours or so...
- My sister is the best! She spent the day with my mother-in-law cause I asked her to (They live in the same state).
-What in the world!!? How did I get a moon crater on my head?? I have no idea.. Goodness. Basketball anyone? :-/
-HTML code. Arrghh! Can I just hire someone to strictly do coding for me? Boo!
-I've been waking up at 4AM randomly. Bright eyed and bushy tailed. It's not fun. And I hope I can sleep through the night again soon!

-I'm not really sure if that top was my style. I didn't get it.
-Busy, fun weeks are great, but it's kind of hard to get back into the groove of normalcy (ie do my chores)
-My 17 yo niece is coming to spend the week with us. I'm even taking her to work with me! We'll see how that goes.

Well there you have it friends! Happy weekend!

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  1. i love these posts they always make me laugh.

    moon crater so not cool as is waking up at 4am--i can't sleep through the night either at the moment and it is really beginning to annoy me. sleep fairy or whoever please let us sleep.

  2. I'm so glad you had happy 4th!
    Sleep is good. Hope you get some soon! I need some myself.
    I'm with you! This has been a crazy busy week.
    Hope you and your niece have fun!!!

  3. Hey!!! Love this post! And your hello kitty phone case, too cute (I'm a HK girl too :) Excited to be linking up with you today! xoxox

  4. awe lovie, i was all joy reading your last comment, thank you :) i know about the time crunch of life's motion and have been in one of those myself so please don't ever think you need to explain anything to me. i adore, forever...always!!!!! we be like palsies who don't get to speak as often but when we do it's like no time has passed whatsoever.

    anyways, i love me some PCH time and Sean & i are hoping to be doing a roadtrip come Sept and heading down to San Fran. mayhaps in your neck of the woods too!!! could you imagine actually meeting up, omg i might just lose my complete shiz over that idea.

    glad you got a lovely trek on the hwy though, love the pics, as always! total California vibe, which i love.

    oh gosh, moon crater....i had a major laugh attack. but aren't those kinds of scars sneaky and stealth. i've got one on my cheek and lord knows when it actually happened. weirdest ever!

    um, you might as well give us a ring at 4 cos the boyf's been up before the sun rises each day now and i'm slightly agitated by this but am trying to mellow about it since his work schedz been off the charts lately. perhaps you need lovey to give you some tranquil massage and get all Jedi master on you. baha! have a blast with your niecey - bet she'll never wanna leave after getting to hang out with you!

    even though i'm not by as much i think of you too!!!!! xo ♥


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