Cool. Not Cool. Undecided. (LINKUP DUDE!)

Wow! Time flies. And I say that a lot. But it's true. It's already Friday??? Holy smokes! Well, you know what Fridays look like around here! Cool. Not Cool. Undecided! YIPEE! I'd just like to give a super big THANKS to everyone who participated/es on a regular basis. You guys are cool. No doubt. And just to show my appreciation I purchased an Inlinkz subscription so that you guys can have thumbnail images to go along with your submissions. So put a pretty picture of your face on your link... Thanks again!

-Want to know who my 300th follower was?!?????? My best gal pal, Val! I thought that was the coolest thing ever. I really did!

-Reaching 300 readers! Yipee! Thanks so much!  (Now I know about 100 of you guys only followed me because I'm currently hosting a sweet giveaway..which is cool I guess...But maybe you'll stick around after it's over???!!!! Hope so!)

-Shabby Apple $50 Gift Card Giveaway still going on. HURRY UP AND ENTER NOW!

-Had the most amazing weather yesterday in Orange County! Summer rain! I stood in it for a little bit and forced my niece too as well...That is, until she complained about getting soaked.... She doesn't know what's good for her.

-My niece's week long visit is ending. I'm sad to see her go :-( Boo!

-The sun did not come out once while on our beach day extravaganza on Thursday. And I kind of needed a sweater the whole time we were there. Not cool.

-I had major breakouts this week. What in the world?????! Aren't acne issues supposed to disappear at age 15? I'm the opposite of 15! What's going on???????
-Okay, so the only reason the bear glasses below were NOT COOL was because I couldn't breathe and or possibly eat properly in them. Only reason!

-Lovey and I are celebrating our 4 year anniversary early, but I'm super tired from the past 2 weeks. A part of me wants to stay home and camp out on our couch.

 - This whole weekend is completely UNDECIDED. At some point I'm going to see my family, but plans, dates, and times are all jumbled. It's a little bothersome. I like having set plans. Know what I mean?


  1. I say you should buy the bear glasses! they are cool!!

  2. Woot! 300! :) And yay for rain! Happy almost anniversary! Now I'm nosey and want to know what you guys did! ;)

  3. that rain last week was weird! my body was so confused! granted, i loved it. just not the minor sickness that ensued.


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