Janette, the Marathon Shopper

 I asked my boss if I could get the day off yesterday... He asked why... I said, "Cause it's summer and I want to go see my sissy and go shopping all day..."  Those were my exact words. To which he replied, "OK." Yup. My boss=number 1 ! I'm sooo grateful guys! Cause seriously, it was the mother of all days off! I got to my sister's house early and she made me waffles (pictured) and coffee (not pictured). Fantastic start???! I THINK SO! After breakfast we went shopping like none else and hit up the following:

-Indoor swap meet (we visited 10 of the 20 shops)
-Water store
-Burlington Coat Factory

We walked around for about 6 hours! CRRAZY, right!??? My feet=mashed potatoes. Or some other mooshy substance... NOT GOOD!! We were goners by Burlington Coat Factory and my sister and I collapsed on the fitting room floor while we watched my niece try on a billion babe-in-the-making dresses.. Regardless, it was a blast!!!

Mostly I was making my niece and sister laugh at my awkwardness and mishaps. At one point when I ventured off alone at the swap meet, one of the shop owners (in very broken English) said to me, "Come in....You like... Try on......" No big deal, right?!! It was a belly dancer costume shop, guys!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA! So as you can imagine, it was a big joke the whooole day.

Oh yeah! My niece also gave me a makeover. I guess I needed one! She straightened my hair and did my makeup(pictured)!! What. A.Cutie! And to end it all my sissy made me a patty melt and her famous potato salad (pictured) cause she loves me..And cause I'm the baby in the family. And cause she's trying to make up for how mean she was to me when we were kiddos. A simply perfect day! Sometimes I think that Pandora can read my mind cause as I pulled away from their driveway to go home, U2's Beautiful Day came on. Yes. Yes, I know.

PS. I really really really wanted those Hello Kitty glasses..but alas I concluded I'm too old. Boo!


  1. wow, what a fantastic boss!!! Haha, that's awesome!! We need to go shopping together.. One day!!
    And oh boy, those waffles look amazing!!!


  2. Pandora totally read your mind right then! That sounds like THEE best day. Tiring, but in a good way! And yeah, your boss is def the best!

  3. craaaaaaap. now i need to go shopping!

  4. what a fabulous day!! your boss definitely rocks my socks :) So glad you got some great girl time with your sister and niece. I've never been to a swap meet! but i'd love to ... and HELLO to those hello kitty glasses! totally put a huge grin my face :)


    PS - i know i'm waaaaaaaaaaaay behind on the times, but i recently got a pandora account (about 2 months ago) and i'm pretty much obsessed. favorite stations are Regina Spektor and John Mayer. love that that U2 song came on for you!

  5. Such a great day, you're lucky !!! + you look like a star (especially in the 7th and 9th pictures !)

    Music can't be wrong ! I hope you'll have many more days like that to come !

  6. Those waffles look like fancy restaurant quality! I love Ross! I used to work there and I spent soooo much money there.

  7. Sounds wonderful! The perfect day off! xxx

  8. the food looks amazing and shopping with a sister is the best.

    i hope you bought some cool stuff--then i can live vicariously through you as my most exciting ourchase recently has been a clear topcaoat nail varnish and a mop, i know i m living the high life! ;)

  9. Those Hello Kitty glasses are incredible!

    So glad that you have such an awesome boss, because all day shopping days are the best! Glad you had such a great time.


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