Janette, the List Maker

I can't believe summer is here! Where does the time go guys????!!! I wasn't ready for the season change...again. I guess it just doesn't feel like summer yet. I'm not complaining though. I'm enjoying my prolonged spring. The weather has been mild and I can still get away with wearing jackets in the morning (I LOOOOVE JACKETS!)...And besides I'm grateful I haven't had to camp out under my ceiling fan (We don't have AC) ...yet.... Anyway.. Here's my Summer Must Dos List as well as my spring DONES! Woo!
So what's #1 on your summer to do list? TELL ME!


  1. I'm trying to book more portrait sessions and get my business out there so I can build my portfoilo. I want to be an "offical" photographer so bad, instead of just part time when something pops up. It's so difficult. Any suggestions?

  2. This is so cute... we all know i love lists! I am actually going to the drive in this week and am ridiculously excited for it! (we are seeing brave and the avengers)


  3. You have a drive-in?! I'm so jealous. I've always wanted to go to one.
    Twinkly lights make everything better.
    I can't wait to see your $10 and under shop!

    P.S. You are DEFINITELY one of my favorites even though I didn't list you! I promise :)

  4. Yay!!! Love your new goals! they all sound so amazing and like you will be taking advantage of the pretty summer days! Congrats on doing so well on your Spring list!

  5. Love your list! I found your blog through my sisters at Sweet Little Somethings. I would love for you to come and visit me at http://thriftyniftymoderndaymomma.blogspot.com/.

    Thanks and I look forward to seeing more fun summer post!

  6. I'm a big list maker too. I like all of your "to-do"s. I think my number one will be finish hanging pictures and art in my master bedroom. I have things to hang but haven't done it yet!


  7. (Baskin Robbins Banana split flavors) We got cappucino flavored, strawberry cheescake, and a dark chocolate! So yummy. My number one thing to do this summer is sell our apartment and move back in with my parents. We need to save all the money we can before baby arrives (;

    Dearest Lou

  8. Summer at your sounds like it will be amazing. I just want to really enjoy this summer and take lots of photos and do as much as we can. Oh and eat lots of ice cream!

  9. Ohhh how I have missed your blog!! I haven't had my computer around and this is the first time I have adventured off to view other blogs.

    I am so glad you make a summer list too! So do I!!! You have some good one on the list too! PS I love your pictures!

  10. I'm kind of glad summer has come. I was getting tired of the June gloom. We don't have an AC either, so I am thankful for the 70 degree weather. It's gonna start getting hot!

    My number one summer to do is to get a job!

  11. mmm a beach bonfire sounds deliciously fun! :0) definitely fireworks too! 4 of july is coming!

  12. Such a fun list idea! So inspiring to do this with each new season!


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