Happy Things!

Oh beloved Wednesdays!!! How I loveth thee! This week is flying guys! This long haired lass is a happy camper!! So since it's turning out to be such a blur, I've decided to recap some happy moments before I forget them altogether:

1. Don't mean to sound conceited n' all. But my hair is THE BOMB!! lol Ok. Ok. It's only cool on my good hair days which are pretty much every day.... Bahahahaha! Just kidding again! But really, I had thee best hair day today. My curls came out perfecto, defying physics, logic, and all that is good. But it made me late to work in the process... Boo...  And dude! I said "the bomb". I should get a prize for being brave enough to say that after 1999. Right???!

2. I wore a sheer maxi. It was spectacular and loved feeling the breeze in mah breeches. Actually, it wasn't that great. I tripped over the dumb thing about 30x at work. No joke. And it wasn't all sheer, btw. I should clarify that...Uh.. You knew what I meant right?

3. Wooooo! I got an Instax print from one of my best bloggy pals Amy of A Girl Called Beloved. It was a birthday gift. Hint. Hint! You should send me something too if you'd like. ;-) And while you're at it, do yourself a favor and follow her blog. She's the sweetest!

4. Pho! I love you and all your soupy glory! The worst part of eating pho? The smell seeps into your clothing, hair, beard (Loveys), and skin...True story! You can still smell it the day after... It's nasty yet fantastico all at once. I kind of like it:-)

5. Happy handsprings!!! More Jacaranda flower sprinkles! Dreaminess!  (Oh! Did you miss my Jacaranda tree story?)

6. Isn't it great rediscovering shoes in the back recesses of your closet? (See how long that skirt is???!!!Stupid thing.)

7. A strawberry muffin with a surprise strawberry filling???! YES!!! Treasure treats are my fave!

8. I went to Lovey's school library and they have these top secret turn-stall things at the entrance that only open with retina recognition and fingerprint confirmation........ or a library card. Anyway. They gave me my own. Am I cool or what?!

Well. That's it! Off to cut Lovey's hair. He's calling me. Adios!


  1. I love that skirt! It's beautiful!

  2. your hair does look beautiful!!! that muffin looks delicious!!!

  3. Beautiful skirt! And yes, I knew what you meant. Haha. :)


  4. Your hair always looks beautiful, but I know what you mean about curls coming out right on some days and well, looking like pigstys on most other days :) Glad you're having an awesome day!


  5. You look gorgeous in that first picture! And I want that strawberry muffin...

  6. no it's true...your hair is the bomb.
    so glad you loved your instant picture! Does it convince you that you need a camera yet?!?! I had so much fun sending it to you! :)
    Those trees are so pretty! I'd never seen one.


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