Excuse me while I have a blast!

The next couple of days are looking promising!! My sister and brother are in town... This equates to copious amounts of laughter, chasing after kiddies, and hanging out at my parents'. Good times! Good times! Oh yeah. And lots of good food too. Mmmm!! I had a BLAST yesterday hanging out with my sisters and sister-in-law (aka my best budt. She can't say "bud". So she says "budt".CUTE!) And especially my nephews and nieces. They're hilarious! One of my nephews, Christian, asked his cousin, "Hey Josh... You have a zit, can I pop it?" Josh says, "Yeah, where is it?" And Christians motions "all over your face..."


Oh kids. They grow so fast... But you know what's the best part of my nephews and nieces growing up? Is that they finally get that their aunts and uncles are hilarious. Before, they thought we were weird, or silly, at best. But now!!? They finally understand. Oh sweet vindication! Hehe!

Anyway.. I'm off for another day of adventure. Hope you guys have a nice weekend! I will!

PS. COOL. NOT COOL. UNDECIDED. Link up party tomorrow! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! LINK UP prettypies! Please?


  1. Have so much fun with your family!!

  2. Make the most of all the family time.

    And kids are hilarious--I love their jokes.

  3. Being an Aunt or Uncle is kind of a preview to the awesomness of being a grandparent. You get to be fun have a blast with them and then send them home lol!

    - Sarah

  4. OMG, I love being an aunt!! How old are your nieces and nephews? Our oldest is almost 16 and our youngest is about to turn 2. It's amazing.

    Hope you have a wonderful time with your family!!

  5. My neice and nephew are both almost 10 and I feel kinda bad bc they were born when I was either 12(or 13). I'm bad at math and it's late.
    Well, I feel like I wish I could go back and be a cooler aunt. When I was a teen I was gone a lot with my friends and now I hate how fast they grew up.
    Now, I love buying them gifts for their birthdays/Christmas and try to get them the coolest stuff so I'm like super cool aunt. Crossing my fingers that it works ;)


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