Cool. Not Cool. Undecided. (It's now a LINK UP partayyyy!)

-When someone is tailgating you and he or she switches lanes to go past you, but ends up getting stuck in a slow lane..Oh sweet revenge!

- I won a $50 gift card giveaway to Shabby Apple via Lauren of Choosing Joy! WEEEEEEE!

-This is the second time I've won a Shabby Apple giveaway! (Happy dance!)

-Ok. So... Remember I mentioned I wanted to start an online clothing shop??? Well.. It's in the works!!!  Basically it's going to be a "vintage" (using that term loosely) shop that offers clothing to women of all sizes. I'm  going to try to structure it so that there's something for everyone. And almost everything will be under $10.
-Guys. I saw the aftermath of two horrific car accidents (I'm pretty sure both were fatal) this week..on the SAME day. Please please please do not text while driving or go 20mph over the speed limit. It's sooo dangerous! No one drives home after a short stop to Trader Joes and thinks, "I think today I'm going to die on PCH cause my car is going to spin out of control into oncoming traffic.." :-( Be safe out there!

-I've been feeling super duper extra lazy lately. My house is a mess! I haven't cooked or done dishes since Monday. It's not that I don't have energy... I just. Don't. Want. To. Clean. Help!

-Can't figure out how to cook some tilapia for tonight. Baked? Fried? Steamed? Hmm.. Any good recipes out there?

-My plans this weekend are totally up in the air right now. How about yours?

PS. If you would like to do a Cool. Not Cool. Undecided. Post, then be my guest! (Am I on a link up party kick this week or what???!)

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  1. Ohhhhh, the clothing store sounds cool! Can't wait!


    1. I linked up, might make it a weekly feature!

  2. I love this post! It's a great idea! You should definitely make it a link up! I'd participate! Hope you're having a great day! And thanks for the shout out! I wasn't expecting it, so it was a nice surprise! Ha! :)


  3. Yeah for winning...hmmm i feel the need to win something too.

  4. Great post. And tilapia - couldn't be easier.

    One - season both sides of fish with salt and pepper
    Two - spread a THING layer of Mayo on the top side
    Three - cover in panko crumbs
    Four - spray crumbs with a little cooking spray
    Five - bake at about 350-400 for like, 15 minutes top.

    Done. Extra yummy. I've posted at least one tilapia recipe on my blog. Can't remember the actual post, but if you look around you should find it:

  5. Aw! That is so sad that you had to see two accidents. :( That's the worst.
    But don't you love that revenge that some tailgaters get? Sweetness. haha!

  6. Ugh, seeing car accidents happen is such a horrible feeling! Sorry you had to experience it :(

  7. I caught the lazy bug TOO! My apartment is such a sty! We just need to remember how nice it feels to be in a clean, relatively organized home. Hopefully that'll get us motivated.


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