Cool. Not Cool. Undecided. (LINKUP)

-So I tried out the coolest braid in the world (as seen on Pinterest )..And it worked!!! I won't mention that it fell out by 9:15AM. I'm focusing on the positive here! It worked and looked great for 15 minutes???!!! I'll take it! (The picture above is fallen braid residual. Still looks cool I think!)

-My boss. He let me have Wednesday off to go do this.

- I want a Darth Vader & Hello Kitty sunshade. And I think I figured out how to make one. I'm excited!!

-These sticker books are THEE BEST! I bought some for my nieces...Hopefully they let me play with them!! 
- One of the most devastating and uncool things ever=Fires in Colorado :-( So sad!! Poor people. Oh Lord, please send rain!!!

-Lovey was mad at me on Monday cause I was a bad person (pictured above). We've made up since then..but it still made it on my "uncools". I don't like it when he's a grumpypiesnickerdoodlebear toward me.

-Been spending an inordinate amount of money lately. My millions are dwindling. Bahaha! No, but seriously. Need to cut back on the expenses. Summer months are tough 'round these parts.

-So many of my previous "undecideds" have had to do with my bangs. I just don't know! Should I chop them again or no? Can't decide!

- Lets talk about pillows. Fluffy pillows, flat pillows, big pillows. I don't really like them. I mean.. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't. They're one of those things.

- I have a love/hate relationship with parties at my house. They're fantastically amazing..but soooo much work! (Having a birthday party for my niece this weekend.)

-I saw a Hello Kitty toilet seat cover at the swap meet. Not sure if I like Hello Kitty that much!

-4th of July plans! I can't decide! What's everyone doing and why is it on a Wednesday this year!???? Boo!


Link up prettypies! Doesn't have to be today. Doesn't have to be tomorrow...But it should be soon! Just link to your actual post and not your blog homepage! I appreciate your participation tons! Thanks amigos!

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  1. I LOVE these posts! I will write one in the next couple of days and link up, so cool!
    Happy weekend xxx

  2. I love sticker books! I like that you talk about you and your husbands squabbles, it makes ya'll seem normal! I'm in the same bang department. I've been growing mine out for months but sometimes I feel like just cutting them again. One of life's toughest decisions?

  3. I love that braid but it would just never work with my hair. I think the fact that it last 15 minutes is amazing!

  4. I hate it when my honey gets mad at me!!!! And I love the braid! Even though it lasted 15 minutes!

  5. Oo I'm going to join in on this!

  6. Missed you, but catching up on all your blog posts! About the bangs, you've gone this far growing them out, might as well keep growing them!

  7. I always want to participate in this.. but I can never think of good things to post. Fail....

  8. you looks gorgeous with the braid - and i totally get it about the money...i am becoming so broke bah!



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