Chili's. Children. Cherries.

‘Ello mateys! What’s up?? What’s new? Hope all is well ‘round your neck of the woods. All is well here in mild-weathered So Cal! A few things I just wanted to document for the ol’ memory bank. Nothing exciting. Nothing life-changing. Just little things that I don’t want to forget.

We went to Chili’s recently, and I was kind of bummed. Is it just me or did it taste better before?!! I wasn’t impressed with their avocado burger. And besides, my 3 year old niece got “mad to me” because she thought I called her “a Chili’s”. I spent about 5 minutes trying to explain because I didn’t want her “mad to me” cause she’s always “mad to me” for everything!! Even when I open doors for her she gets “mad to me.” Go figure.
Cherries are my current fave fruit. Oh wow guys! I could eat a whole box.

My baby nieces needed to go to the park after a rough day…So I took them and we had a grand ol’ time They’re such dolls! We made flower crowns, ran up hills, slid down slides holding hands, ate goldfish and enjoyed some nice views. It was perfect! Well except when this little toddler attacked one of them. I thought he was going to hug her, but he slapped her and pulled out her hair. I wasn’t really sure what to do. Other than try to intercept the hair grabbage. He was just a baby. What do you do in that situation? Slap him back? (JUST KIDDING!!!) No, but seriously. What do you do moms?

Usually Mondays are a drag, right? Not so! Not so! This past Monday was glorious. I went to work, but Lovey had the day off so he took me to lunch. We went to this Japanese-Vietnamese-Korean-Chinese Food buffet. They had it all! We paid for both of us, but we shared plates. There’s something so sweet and married-like about holding hands, scouring rows of food, one plate in hand, saying, “Ooh! Look at that! Let’s get that!”

Midweek BBQs
We had a BBQ last night! Chicken. Beef short ribs. Grilled zucchini. Corn on the cob. I forgot to take a picture of it all...But guys..take my word for it. It was magical! A magical BBQ! Yes. Yes it was. And the best part??! I got to quote Nacho Libre when I told Lovey, “Get that corn out of my face!” (I love that movie!) Dinner=made! Ooh! QUESTION!!!!! We want to try to grill more, but it’s super time consuming… Do you guys have gas or charcoal BBQ grills? I would like to get a gas grill. Just for the sake of saving time.

Well. That’s it. I couldn’t keep going with the "ch-" alliterations. But I’d say I did pretty good! Haha! Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. I'm with you on Chili' used to be SO good...circa 1999. In fact, it used to be like my favorite place to eat. Now it's not so great. :( Plus they took the Chicken Ceasar Pita off the menu, and that was what I ALWAYS ate. I HATE when they do that! Blah!

    As far as the hair attack from a tot, I usually just go over and softly say OH no! That might hurt him/her, and remove my little one from the situation. You have to be careful not to anger the masses. ;)

    I've been craving cherries since I saw your IG pic...yum.

    Hope your week is just as lovely as your Monday was. xoxo

  2. The story about your niece being mad to you is so cute. Oh little children. So adorable!

  3. I love Chilis for the southwestern eggrolls. But, I do always order the avocado burger! Sometimes it's overly messy, but I just love it.


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