Okay. So... DUUUDE! I had thee best idea ever... (These are rare and few in my experience, guys! Haha!) I'm excited! Here we go...

One of my favorite bloggers and best bloggy pals, Ashley of Hudson's Happenings, is SO CLOSE to 600 followers (597). And while I could just make up three fake Blogger accounts and subscribe to her blog, 3 lucky peeps would be missing out on her amazingess. That's hardly fair... So instead I thought, "What about a LINK UP party to help out bloggers that are SO CLOSE to hitting that special follower milestone!?????"


This is a WIN-WIN situation folks!

Not only does this give other bloggers an opportunity to "ask" for a little help with their follower count, it also allows bloggers to make a connection with someone with a similar following. Or if you're just interested in finding some new reads, then this link up is for you!

Cool, RIGHT?

So here's the deal. If you're a blogger who is just SOOOO CLOSE to hitting an even numbered follower count (aren't even numbers THEE best!??) then link up below. Blog about this link up party on your blog and when you're ready to link your blog post here, title it  "CLOSE TO ___________ " (insert the number). Then grab the button below and display it proudly on your blog or blogpost.

Again, if you want to participate (EVERYONE is invited!) just title your blog post link "CLOSE TO ______" and grab the button to put on your blog or blog post. EASY BREEZY! Right????!! I hope so! Any questions, just comment below.

Ellison Lane Quilts

PS. I will be opening up this LINK UP party probably once a month, so be sure to check back regularly!


  1. Oh my gosh, Janette! Could I love you even more?! I was so surprised when I logged on today and saw that I had surpassed 600! We're talking 597 to 601 in RECORD time. This is just the SWEETEST and best bloggy surprise. I mean, really. You make me super happy, friend. I WILL find some way to repay you for this thoughtful little thing you did. LOVE ya!!! xoxo

  2. p.s. Can't WAIT to check out the other SO CLOSE know I love me some new blog discovery. :)

  3. YES. So close. I am so close (yet SO FAR) from 100. Lets do this BABY!

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