Random Rundown:Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Birthdays

First the random pictures:
And then the random randoms:

1.My paired pictures have a theme. How funny.

2. Mother's Day was rockin'. I'm not a mother (yet), but my mom is thee best mommy everrrr. More on that later.

3. "Awesome-nova!" Gosh! Those ninja turtles were super grrreat!

4. Speaking of the Ninja Turtles... Why was Rafael the only one that had a NY accent? All the other guys spoke normally...or like surfers.

5. How many of you get your nails done regularly? It's sooo expensive!

6. Did Ray Romano do Rafael's voice? Hmm...

7. My birthday is soon soon. And I just put in a request for a tripod and remote! Yay!! No more scary camera spills off of bookshelves!

8. Do you guys like surprise birthday parties? I pretty much hate them.

9. Getting older is kind of an interesting process. Mostly you realize that you don't know a thing about anything that you thought you knew...At least this is my experience thus far.

10. Wish I had some nail polish remover at work. Boo.

Now your turn!

Or Ninja Turtles-related!


  1. okay so i have to find the picture of my husband when he dressed as a ninja turtle for halloween.. super freaking cute!!! i mean shell and all. he was slightly obsessed. well with that and ghostbusters.

    and something completely random...errr.... i painted my fingernails this weekend (well half) and the color didnt even show up. kinda pathetic, but i really like it for some reason.

  2. I have only had my nails done once in my life and I rarely paint my fingernails. I'm terrible at it and even if I take a super long time to do it perfectly, they are messed up by the next day!

  3. The United States has never lost a war in which mules were used.

  4. I get fake nails. My natural nails are real thin and tear really easily, like below the quick. Plus they are super sharp and my skin is super dry...the two don't mix well, especially at night when I don't realize I might be scratching. It is expensive but not terrible (at least not here).

    Randomness: nails grow faster in hot weather than in cool/cold weather.

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  5. LOVE the little teacup shot. so darling! xo.


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