Random Rundown

It's that time of the week again! Time for another Random Rundown edition! In other words, time for "I have all these random recent pictures and thoughts to share, but I don't have the time or creativity to make a fluid or coherent post about any of them, so let me mishmash everything together and make a  blog series about it..." I'm such a simple and transparent girl. Anywho. Onward friends!

Here's the pictures! (Look it's my cute puppy, Goli! Hi puppyface!)

And the rundown:

1. Not enough people like Michael Bolton... I don't like Michael Bolton either, but sometimes I think I should.

2.  You know who I do like? ABBA. Yeah, they were so cool! (Currently in my head: "The winner takes is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall....")

3. Listened to Hilary Duff's "So Yesterday" yesterday. Meh.

4. One time Lovey and I got kicked out of someone's house cause we wanted to play that song on Guitar Hero. No lie. Dead serious. Thrown out!! LOL

5. My knee meat is better guys!!! A whole lot. 90%! Praise God!

6. This guy wearing a crazy outfit keeps walking by my office... Striped blue and red shirt, green plaid shoes, carrying a gray plaid notebook. A kindred spirit!

7.  "Thank yous" go a long way... I'm a big "Send a Thank You Card" advocate.

8. All last week (and this week too) my blog has been gaining and losing readers... So for TWO WEEKS I've gained about 10 readers, but lost 10 at the same time. No lie. It's driving me a little nutso. Haha! Blogger probs! It's cool. It's cool.

9. Onto the good and friendly who have stuck with me through and through... THANK YOU FOR READING!!! You guys are #1! Numero uno! 2-1! 1x1! 0+1! NUMBER 1!

10. I think I'm allergic to cats. And that makes me kind of happy. #dogperson #Loveyisacatperson #we'renotgettingacat #yipee #arewestillfriends?

Now tell me something random!
Do it!

PS. If you follow my blog and I still haven't followed you back, please let me know. I tried my best to go back and find your blog via your GFC or Blogger profile. But some of you don't have it linked to either. I click your face and all I see is blogs you follow, but not your blog(s). HELP me! Leave a link and I will follow! Thanks!


  1. Hi Goli! :)
    And can I haz that cute notbook?
    So glad your knee is better.
    Sometimes I think about deleting that pesky followers thing altogether, but then I think it won't matter cause I can still see it when I log in. Mainly I hate all the crude XXX photos popping up there. I keep having to block them.
    More random stuff in my post today. ;)

  2. I love your random run down posts:) And I like ABBA too! (but I have to be in just the right mood)

  3. I unfollowed you and then followed you again, just to mess with yo head.

    (I kid, I kid).

  4. I'm allergic to cats too but it turns out that bunnies are way better anyway (and pups)!! As far as the blog problems, I've noticed that often when giveaways are over, a lot of people will unfollow or unlike. not cool.

  5. You are such a crack up! Yes we is still friends even if you're happy that you're allergic to cats. I am definitely more of a cat person but my sweet yappy puppy has convinced me that I love doggies too. In fact, because of her I will never be yappy, doggie free again. Ever. I will always have a cat and a dog. Always. Animals are just too great!

    Random fact, I am a bit allergic to cats, but once I get used to the cat I'm OK, as long as they are indoor only. The only exception is my sweet Siamese, there is something about her that absolutely sends my allergies into the stratosphere, but she is here to stay and I love on her every chance I get. She is a caricature of the scaredy cat, she really is. But I love her to pieces and pet her when she lets me. (We've had her for 12 years).

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  6. haha! love this post. i think the photos are so bright & saturated & come together nicely for a collage. and something random? today, i was laying in bed -- yes, in the afternoon, as i've got strep, oy -- and i opened my eyes & my french bulldog was staring me down. but he was so close to my face, i could only see one of his eyes...his big, bugling outta-its-socket brown eye. he's so weird! i couldn't help but wonder how long he'd been doing that...

  7. Glad you knee is better PTL!!

    and secret: I like "so yesterday" too, :o (hilary duff was all my daughter listened too in middle school so there was no way around that one)!

  8. I am allergic to cats and dogs and it sucks and I would love a pet--gutted!

  9. You slay me. I love that sky picture. So, so pretty. I love that so yesterday song and also that ashlee Simpson "on a Monday, when I wake up..." song. Hopefully that's stuck in your head nowww! =]

    I'm allergic to cats AND dogs. Guess what. I have both. Sweet. I had an allergy test done last year because I was eternally sick and I had disgusting, horrible reactions to everything. Every animal. Every plant. Every dust. Every mold. If you've never gotten an allergy test, and you have no self control regarding scratching the worst itch you've ever had EVER, then don't do it.

    I feel like this is real random. Happy Thursday friend!

  10. yeesss, were still friends!!!! :) I dont really like cats either.. and DANG!! YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! :)

  11. I have always loved your random rundowns Janette! About your question on my blog, I stopped writing for a bit between June-September then I slowly started writing back and after my wedding in January I started posting more frequently. I changed my url from missprettypeacock to dearestlou and all of my old followers from before the change have had problems seeing my posts on their reading lists since /: I didn't block you or anything haha (;


  12. I'm all about thank you's too. Sending one out today for a birthday gift I got last week!
    I don't think you follow mine, but I follow yours! And I really appreciate your feedback on my thirty day photos post. You rock!


  13. Oh I love ABBA too! When I put the CD on in the car, you can bet it's just going to be repeated about a thousand times before I decide to switch to something else.

  14. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


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