A lot of us were left with a filter-less and sticker-less void after Google announced the demise of the fun photo-editing site, Picnik (RIP) earlier this year. I know I was a little lost after that...A lot of the elements on my blog and blog posts were lovingly made via this mostly-free website...

However, deep down, I just knew this couldn't be the end of Picnik's magical features (The "Mascara" brush was my favorite). I searched online for Picnik wannabees but none came close to how user-friendly Picnik originally was...That is, until I found this gem last week!!!! (Via a Facebook friend! I knew FB was good for something!)

Friends... Prettypies...Fellow picture editors... I introduce the reincarnated Picnik (in most of its former glory):

It's easy to use, quick, versatile, and free (for now). It has EVERYTHING Picnik offered (and then some). While the "stickers" and fonts are few and scant, I'm sure more variety will be added in the near future. It also seems as if they're going to start charging a premium membership fee soon, so get over there and start experimenting! And if you like it, then stay. I'm planning on paying the fee if it's reasonable, of course!

Here's something I made to show you some of PicMonkey's capabilities...And this is just the tip of the iceburg, folks!

Fun, right? How come I hadn't heard of it sooner?????????????????????????????????? Boo!


  1. oh yay, thanks for the tip. I was very sad to know that PIcnik had closed it's doors. I sed them for many things myself.

  2. thanks for sharing this new little secret (or not so secret). definitely heading there now to check it out. Yay!

  3. LOVE picmonkey! When I don't have time to get into it with photoshop I stop by there instead.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I love Picmonkey, so fun to play with! :)

  5. Oh my gosh--thank GOODNESS I found your blog becuase I have been up a creek without Picnik! Yay!


  6. If I heard right on a few other blogs. I believe that PicMonkey is actually from the orginal creators of Picnik. But I could have heard wrong. It's possible.

    I love a lot of the filters in PicMonkey. I've also been using Pixlr Editor and Express a lot!

    Was there supposed to be an after photo in this post. I see that you put original on that one? Just wondering.

  7. it's pretty cool right?! i was feeling the deep down lows when i got my refund from Picnik but then reading about this nifty deal from some of their past developers was great news!!! you made an awesomely wicked gif of appreciation Janette. love it total!

    YES, wasn't "mascara" the bomb? i never knew how it completely got the right lines but it always seemed to nail it. nice one to share the knowledge and insp. ♥

  8. I use this all the time--i hope they don't start charging loads otherwise i am back to square one.

  9. I haven't found anything better than Picmonkey yet, and I'm digging their effects. :)

  10. I know, I love PicMonkey! The mascara brush and teeth whitener was my fave. Let's go ahead and throw the airbrush feature in there too ;)

  11. I LOVE Picmonkey. The spraytan effect is MY favorite.
    Whew, do I NEED a tan.


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