My Mommy is #1

Some day I'll get goodies and a BBQ on Mother's Day from my 8 children and set of twins... Haha! Yes, I fantasize about having lots and lots of babies. Okay. Okay. I'm kidding. Sort of. I would like at least 5! Until that day comes, I gladly focus on making my own mother's day, special. (That makes no sense if you read it fast) And what a glorious Mother's Day it was! We had a BBQ, ate outdoors under my dad's pecanless pecan tree, basked in the beautiful weather,  and tried our best to not let mi madre do any work. It was perfect for us all.

The BBQ setup:

Daddy in his yard:
The Golster had to be put in the garage during our meal. Cause she just goes cuuuh-razy!
The cake.. (I just wanted one of those chocolate swirly thingies) Didn't get one. Boo!:
Our gift:
Woman of the hour (Do we look alike? I don't think so. We are lip twins though!):
 What is up with mah hurr?? lol Looks like a lion's mane... Raar! Raar!

Oh my sweet mamma!I resent her for not giving me her greenish eyes. Or the fact that she looks more like one of my cousins than me... But oh how I loveth that woman!! Always helping, always generous, always in a good mood, always funny... She has a capacity for love and charity that I've never seen in anyone else. I hope I grow up to have her beautiful heart... Love you mi mamacita y buena amiga!


  1. Awww!!! Look at that sweet picture of you and your mom! Beautiful! What a happy day! And I love the pretty backyard setup!

  2. I think you definitely look alike. She looks so sweet. And that cake - WOW!

  3. these are such lovely picture Jane!!

  4. What a cute mom! Also you guys are totally lip, and NOSE twins. Like exactly! I hope your having a good day, I finally emailed you back! haha.

  5. That picture of you two is so lovely! You're both gorgeous! That cake looks so good! Dang. Now I want some cake. I also want lots and lots and lots of kids. Yay!

  6. Your mama is such a lovely lady! I can see the resemblance :)

  7. I can definitely tell she is your mama, you look enough alike. You may not have gotten her eye color but your eye shape is the same.

    What sweet pictures, it looks like it was a great day for your mama. You're a good daughter. =>

    Lily-Thinking Thoughts

  8. looks like you guys had an amazing time!!

  9. what a lovely bbq and great day to honor your mother!

  10. what a fun way to celebrate mother's day!

  11. awe sweet momma! and Janette, you look beautiful!!! these swell snaps really reflect the great day you all spent together. ahhh, BBQ weather again, finally! happy almost weekend. ♥


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