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What a difference trekking across town to a different Target makes! WOW! So, I guess Target ups the ante when it's located near a college. This particular one (40 minutes away) had tons of shoes and an extremely ginormous selection of e.l.f. (eyes lips face) products. So naturally, I went a little crazy when I went shopping with my 17yo niece. The reason I like this brand so much (no, this is not a sponsored post) is that I get to try different types of things that I would not normally attempt due to price. But since this makeup brand offers products with a price range from $1 to $15, you can be a risk taker any time.

Lets take Exhibit A: The All Over Stick ($1). I bought  it because it seemed practical and small enough to carry with me in my purse (I don't carry makeup with me everywhere. I just apply it once in the morning) Anywho. It stunk. It had too much of a silver tinge (despite that it looked more pinkish-brown). It made me look like a frosted cupcake guys!!! Like the Barbie kind they sell at Safeway where the pink and radioactive frosting stains your fingers for days...Uh. No thanks. But now lets look at Exhibit B: Tinted Moisturizer ($3). Pure magic! It was very light, not greasy, and covered up A LOT.

I'm also a huge fan of their eye shadows (Thanks Amy for the headsup!). They're inexpensive and last most of the day...

Also, since we're on the topic of makeup and the like, I thought I'd show you my makeup bag-case-pocket-of-joy cause it's GLORIOUS! I think you should all contact your local Mary Kay rep and get one of these bad boys. It's the cat's pajamas!!!! Meow!

"Oh look how boring I look all closed up and nonchalant like..Nothing to see here! No big deal!"
And then.........       


"Well wouldja look at me now! I'm the most amazing makeup case ever. Yes, I am. Thank you very much!"

Oh how I loveth thee!


  1. I love elf! I wish they had more of a color selection for their powders because people are not light, medium or dark. And I accidentally bought light last time and now I'm a ghost. Good thing it's a dollar! I don't know of my target carries their eye shadow. That thing is impressive! And that make up bag. Genius! Mine is shoved in a drawer and a terrible mess.

    What kind of mascara do you use? Always a hot topic =] haha

  2. Yayyyy! I'm so happy for you! Not take some pretty pictures of your fancy eyeshadow. I NEEDS TA SEE IT!
    Love the makeup bag too!
    I might have to check out that tinted moisturizer next time.

  3. I have purchased elf brushes before. I don't wear a lot of make-up and it's just not worth it to me to spend $20 on a brush! They are not the best brushes ever, but they work and the price was right!

  4. I have got to start looking for ELF in our local markets. I love that bag!! I don't know if MK has one like it anymore. The only one I can find has plastic insets. =<

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